Friday, August 2, 2019

#WorldWaterColorMonth! Day 30 Wild Things: Learning to Fish

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Day 30---ONE MORE TO GO...

I splurged yesterday and bought an 18x24 Canson Water Color Pad 140# Cold Press paper,
 at 40% off. Art online stores charge for shipping unless over $50.00, so this ended up being 50 huge sheets for $23.40. Besides I got to touch it...and liked the feel and thickness of the paper.

This is still student grade---but reasonable enough I can let the Grand paint on a Big scale too. 

My challenge today was to paint Wild Things, I had just done a frog---from our pond. Then I thought of the Raccoon, that dragged clams up from the lake---(2 blocks away) to wash them in our pond, after cracking them on our rocks. Also probably the same raccoon that stole all the goldfish we put in the pond one year. 

Then I thought of my son's cats who were feral kittens and are still wild at ages 14. They are big orange and white tabby now--one striped and one patched, so this is imagined
 Leo, "Learning to Fish".

First, working on a big space on good paper is very freeing. 
Layers and layers of color washes built this up. And it quickly dried enough to take as many layers as I could put on.  Learning when to stop---I think that is the biggest lesson of this painting.

Second, I chose a huge 1 1/4" Mop brush and an old squirrel bamboo brush. The bamboo is a 1/4" brush. Both were originally purchased for ceramic under glaze and glazes. The mop is at least 30 years old, the label is gone, but it must be a synthetic to hold up to glazes. The bamboo brushes I would use up in 6 months because glazes are really grainy and damaging. 

The Mop carries a ton of water, but also makes wonderful shapes when you twist and turned it, All of the goldfish was painted with the mop---except for the eye detail. I was having too much fun to take a series of photos. 

The fish is one of those ugly koi--not the carp ones, but the one with bulgy eyes and lumpy bodies. We don't have koi in the pond, no sense feeding the raccoons.

The paper was very absorbent, held it's shape, I used the smoother side which was still a bit textured. I'm anxious to try the rougher side tomorrow. 

I would have like to work more on the eyes...but I know you can really screw up a painting or a drawing...going in for the one last bit. 

I had filled up my palette with some new colors by Grumbacher Academy and
 Winsor Newton.

Palette: Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Yellow Ochre,Alizarian Crimson, Winsor Red, Sap Green, Hookers Green, Cerulean Green, Manganese Green, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue, Thalo Purple, VanDyke Brown, Burnt Sienna, Lamp Black. 

The palette looks like I used everything. Well, did Leo catch a fish...of course not---!
Hope you are enjoying summer! 

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  1. Sandi, I have so enjoyed seeing all your paintings. You inspire me but I am afraid I will have to go about painting in a different way as I can't draw a straight line! Happy Weekend to you and thank you for your visit. Have a wonderful rest of the sunflower summer..Judy

    1. Dear Judy---I confess, there isn't a straight line in any of my paintings, except maybe the bridge one---and I used a straight edge to draw all those lines. Don't let anything inhibit your creativity! Same to you and have a great summer.

    2. Thanks for your visit to me Sandi. I can only say thank you here on your blog as you don't have an e-mail listed and you come to me as a non-comment blogger. I appreciate so much your comments. My dad was a hunter and my brother also, somehow I never got the desire to own a gun and my hubby doesn't either, but even though I respect other's ideals I would be so uncomfortable to be around a fire arm, even if none of this horror was going on. The combat guns and ammo need to be done away with. No one needs one of those to hunt a deer, and I can not understand why some get so upset that all their guns are going to be taken away if a law is passed for the high powered rifles. No one would want that, as we all have the same rights under the Constitution and that can't be changed. I hope something can happen soon so that we can feel safer in our environments. It is scary to think what it might be like for our children and grandchildren. Hopefully 2020 will be a better year..Thanks again my friend and have a good rest of the summer..Judy

  2. So cute and pretty!You have a great talent!

  3. Aw, thank you Maristella... I'm learning, I'm going to try and experiment with some different style, but maybe only once or twice a week!

  4. Beautiful!! you are very talented!!
    Thanks so much for visiting!!

  5. I really enjoyed this post with your painting notes... I am a fan of this stylr of painting and yours is really good! Love the back stories, too..

    1. Thank you, Gayla. This painting was a real help in being stuck in the house with a bum knee. Amazing how you can lose yourself in painting!

  6. So sweet ~ thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  7. These turned out really good! I never could master Painting, it just wasn't my forte... but I do love a Beautiful Painting.

  8. Thanks so much Dawn. I'm far from mastering anything, but the month really revived my urge to get back to painting.


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