Monday, December 11, 2023

Cookie Day 2023 and my two antique Recipes!


Cookie Day was yesterday(Sunday), and flour was flying, laughter was ringing, and carols were humming in the background. We were only six this year...but maybe more fun than having 13 or so...LOL. And we made proportionally less cookies, which helped.


If I look tired, it wasn't 
because I did all these cookies alone.


Our stash of cutters got a work out -----
these are the newer Christmas ones...My husband is THE cookie cutter hoarder! 


 I set up everything in the middle of our huge kitchen table. Sprinkles are put on the Lazy-Susan. 

This is the last year I will buy pre-packaged cookie icing. I will invest in more tips and bags and mix the icing myself with powder sugar. cream of tartar, and vanilla. Sure works better than the prepackaged icing, tastes better too.


We went basic with the gingerbread this year and just white homemade icing, which sets up quickly.


Cooling racks are a must when you are making tons of cookies. The guys rolled out, and the gals decorated.
I've used this recipe for 50 years or so.

I was so happy to find Brer Rabbit molasses this year, that has such a super taste. 


These are my hubby's THICK Cookies---it's his grandmother's recipe so very OLD. We had the fifth generation making her cookies, yesterday! The recipe is probably older than that, too.


Really cute decorating the girls did, we all cut back on icing---lol, I know you can't tell. 

Alvina's OLD RECIPE for Form Cookies.
I use unbleached flour and have substituted Crisco for half the lard...but the consistency changes. Upside these are delicious, hold well, and  are perfect for decorating or just sprinkling sugar on. 

You can leave out the egg white and the icing is fine and dries nicely with just water 
added with the cream of tartar.

old newgreenredo

What's left to do this week---Klejner, Finksbro, Vaniller Kranse, Pound Cake, Pumpkin bread baked into gingerbread house forms-for gifts,  Peppernuts...and chocolate crinkles and coconut wreaths...I better get cracking, no elves to help with these! 

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