Thursday, March 2, 2017

Vintage Tea Setting

Spring is a ways off, despite mild temperatures in February---we are expecting snow tonight in Chicagoland. January and February had no measurable snow--the first time ever since records have been kept. Such crazy weather. 

Here is an OLD vintage Tea setting. 
The silver-plate Tea Pot was purchased not too long ago, and is described in this POST. 

I had picked up this lovely plate last summer, viola and grapes with a dusty green edge and some gold trim. It was in very good shape,  and quite lovely. The little girl statue is so Spring, sigh, she's from the early 1990's and from Savers, a thrift store here in Illinois.

I have a penchant for greens and blues. Pink, not so much.

The plate is marked STINTHAL CHINA, which was a fine line of semi-porcelain produced by the Crooksville China Company in Crooksville, SE Ohio. The company lasted from 1902-1959. 

The Stinthal line was very popular because of its durability of the semi-porcelain clay and made during the earliest years of Crooksville. The crazing on the backside of the plate, is really indicative of probably one of the earliest pieces. Some of the pinterest pins of early Stinthal are quite beautiful, and it is sought after. The detail in the transfer is impressive. 
I'm guessing this would be from the early 1920's or older.

Love the details, and tiny bit of filigree gold, which is also banded on the edge.
 I could not find the name of the pattern. 

I think this cup and saucer is more contemporary bone china from England.
I found this at GoodWill, in excellent condition. I love the total flowers motif on the saucer.

My Danish napkins have been swiped back from the Barbie house, 
and are perfect on the silver platter.

The saucer and cup are marked, could be NEW even?

  Est crown 1888
fine bone china 
Made in England

It's a very pretty cup and saucer. Duchess produces basically the blanks and then retailers design the pattern for their own distribution. I think this is probably fairly recent, within the last 30 years. 
I do love the Peony and the purple Columbine, both which I grow in my yard. But it's the lovely details in the green leaves and buds that I'm drawn too.  Looking at other Duchess patterns, I think half all the tea sets in the world now, might have started in their pottery.

  • PorcelainDuchess China is another company based in Stoke-on-Trent and it was established in 1888; however, the name has been acquired by two other companies prior to Grimwades Limited, who themselves produce Royal Winton, so their current incarnation is actually from around 2000.-Source.
Perhaps this cup is prior to 2000, as the mark doesn't match what Grimwades Limited currently uses.

Here is a side view of the cup and saucer. 

Here is a back-side detail on the drawn-work done by my great-aunt in Denmark, probably in the early 1950's.  Basically the stitching is done with a silky pearl cotton, on a quality cotton homespun. I have many pieces of this in pinks/blue, pink/white, and blues/whites. This is a very simple pattern on the small tea napkins. I have two small tablecloths that match.

I'll pass the teacakes and thank-you for stopping by.

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