Monday, December 30, 2019

Christmas Gift Basket and some Transferware Sleuthing!

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First a Very Happy New Year to you all!

Now that the powder sugar and candle smoke has settled, it's time to ponder the coming new year, and the contents of my Christmas goodie basket from a dear friend. 


Since I have been laid up and not able to thrift shop---sigh---my BF found some wonderful Transfer-ware pieces, she knew I wouldn't have passed on. I adore transfer-ware...and now the fun begins.


These plates are all perfect except for manufacture flaws (few) and really lovely! This dinner plate has such a lovely floral rim and intricate pattern.


Script marks are always a bit hard to decipher sometimes. This pattern is Genevese?  and the maker mark in the lower left is ?? and 
an A lower center and China on the right. The made in or country is missing the transfer did not make it totally on...Hmmm. To Etsy--looking up!

The word on the left is Opaque, and it's 19th century Minton! The lovely blue plate was made between 1836-41. Date confirmed


This luncheon plate is perfect and has an interesting leaf pattern and a rich berry red.


When you have all this information, it should be easy? Ironstone, no pattern name though. With this info I will do an image search for the pattern, found it--'Vista.' Mason's used versions of this mark for MANY years. I got a serious headache searching this one.  
Many years of this mark or similar/with 'where's Waldo' tiny variations. Because of the 'acid resisting colors', I'm thinking 1930-early 40's. 


Here is another very Old company---Coalport which has been making pottery/porcelain in England since 1796. I love the rope edge and all the shading in the flowers on the rim.  "Pastoral" is one of those country patterns where every piece has a different scene. They made blue, red, green, and multi-with brown of this pattern over the years. 

This mark dated from the 1920's according to an Etsy guess at the moment! The impressed in clay marks are very hard to read to meticulously date within a 10 year or so stretch.


I thought this plate had an aesthetic vibe. I Love the panels with the intricate boat scenes. From another very old company, Thomas Mayer, clearly a collector must have passed away and the plates were donated.


Much older 1826-1834 ...?

Here the transfer mark actually is missing a bunch of info...oh joy.
Happy information though is the urn mark and the "Canova" pattern is very distinct. This mark has been attributed to Stoke, England and was made between 1826 and 1838. I found this information on RubyLane antiques. 

Prices are all over the place for these pieces....but I love the size and the fact I can mix them with my other pieces!


My friend also has a real sense of whimsy---and included this fun little pin cushion with a 1950's porcelain poodle perched on top....she is a Major Dog Lover!


She added some 1950's earrings and some jewels, buttons on a burgundy toile print making a perfect 'Smile' to include in the basket...what a fun gift!
And, I really love a good sleuth. I think the gorgeous plates will have to find a place in my kitchen--which has red/white stripes in the wallpaper or in my corner cabinet...they are just too pretty!
Thanks to Emily!

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