Friday, April 8, 2022

SO, DOMINOS: We aren't Remodeling, just Spending $$$$$???

 UM...Spring is supposed to be the time to REVITALIZE.

But, I never thought our house (built in 1973) would need so much revitalizing at this time of our lives. We bought this house in 1984, and now IT is OLD AND RETIRED, too, and apparently was so need of 

Up until now---we've always done ALL our own REDO work, but since November we have had to have a new furnace/air-conditioner installed, ($8,500) then our VERY HARD well water chewed through the third water softener, so we added new filtration water system and softener ($5,600). (The well was redone 5years ago for 8K.)

Last Wednesday the electrician was here. We need to sorely upgrade our voltage/panel, raise the 'stack' (to do the roof), move the meter to a new LEGAL location, and run more amps to the garage (for a heat-exchanger). And guess what ---the house has not been properly grounded????since 1974.) ($12,000+).

We currently run a fan and a heater for the greenhouse which is partially insulated. 

At least the greenhouse saves on plants and produces 'free', lol, $food$.

The insulation has helped and we easily keep the greenhouse +20 degrees over the outdoor temps running on half power.

Hubby has a full workshop in the garage, and wants to add an heat exchanger for heating, which makes sense as he has gone crazy with the long winter this year.

And all that---for THINGS you can't  see??????? 

I cringe thinking what the contractor might want for the new roof? We had planned to raise it so all the leaves, debris, and snow slide off???? We are getting past the age of climbing on the roof ten times a year to clean it.

We have redone all the sewer and plumbing ourselves, and upgraded most appliances and  light fixtures. 


While not blog, 'Decorating', fodder this was quite the feat. I got a sewer line/pump and water to my craft shop. In some post-covid day, I can have classes in there. 

Hubby also changed the angle drain from kitchen sink/ /dishwasher/washer/dryer pipes sixty feet away. Upgrading the 50 year old pipes didn't hurt a thing either. 

Of course this meant we upgraded the toilets too! DOMINOS...||||||//////______

We have a passive solar home that has been re-insulated,and new windows replaced over the last 15 years and new doors. 

(Last year, the final window bill was $3,000)

 doing it ourselves. 

Hubby matched the siding, and added brick below. This replaced our drafty floor to ceiling 108" leaky windows. Very late in the year, and I never really took any great photos of the finished 'look'. 

So, well, is Easter on ??? NOT At the moment???

The electrical starts the day after Easter. Leaving us without power for how long? 

Now, I think we are not doing the floor in the extra bedroom---and concentrating on these big expenses  and upheaval first. We will be clearing the porch and basement for the Electrician$ to have room to work.

NOTE: (A day later the permit arrived online). Last time we needed permits ourselves---it took 3-5 weeks. YAY---for the Electrical Contractor!

At this point, I'm hedging on the two gallons of paint to do the living room. You know what happens when you paint a room, Decorating Dominos begin to fall, and there will be no $$$ for decorating with anything new.


As we said to our kids, when we added 'cement' siding and the new windows to the house a few years back,  "Welcome to your 'No maintenance' Inheritance!"

Smile...if it isn't one's another...

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