Thursday, November 30, 2017

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Last year I made a DIY lunch bag advent organizer, with bags attached with strings to a calendar. What a mess. This year, I decided to invest in something permanent...
sort of for my 5 year-old Grandgirl.

My son's house is basically BLACK,  WHITE, and LIME GREENS. .
So I chose the lighter green for the numbers.
The shoe organizer for the REDO was under $8.00 at Walmart. Finding the 24 pocket one wasn't that easy---since I didn't want to spend an arm an a leg. Besides the mesh front is a bit forgiving 
for different shaped items.

I used sticky foam for the numbers----I know these won't last forever, but that is the level she is at right now. I added felt snowflakes with hot glue and little foam embellishments in simple shape to go 
with their contemporary decor. 

I used a number stencil set on one of my alphabet stencils to trace on the back of the foam, backwards, and then cut them out...!
Because the front of the pockets is a nylon mesh, I hot glued a couple inches on the back of the letters and rubbed the hot glue across with a spoon, to encase the mesh. 

In the pockets, I used decorative lunch bags (5 for 97cents) and filled them with craft supplies, kits, books, puzzles, cookie mix and sprinkles, window clings, 

...glitter glue, velvet posters, wooden ornaments to paint, 

acrylic pots, pom-poms--life savers, and more books.

and of course chenille stems. A paper banner with stickum letters to put together for 

Phew! I collect these things and more over the Fall season, and sale pricing was so good I hit Michael's and Joann's for small kids kits, as well as the Dollar Store. I probably have enough to do another one. To be honest, it didn't take that long to do. One night cutting out the letters in front of the TV and the next day attaching the numbers, decorations and bagging the booty.

The colored lunched bags add a very festive look to the organizer.
Here, is the finished festive Advent Calendar. The best part of this, is she has something to do 
everyday now and can learn how many days away Christmas really is.
I rolled it up in a ball and took it to their house yesterday.

My Grand can't wait to investigate, and the calendar installed into my son and d-in-law's home. 
I had an extra book wrapped up for yesterday---that was too big, just to appease her until
Friday, December 1st---!
Christmas is only 25 days AWAY!
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