Monday, July 2, 2018

Eyes and Sight are precious!

One of the reasons I haven't been around BLOG-Land lately is I have had a problem with my eyes.

It started probably a few years ago, having problems threading needles, squinting with one eye closed, and then the other one----? Trying to read for extended periods of time. Driving--seeing street signs.

Why don't my glasses work?

Why do they keep giving me the wrong prescription?

You know--squint, is one or two better? 

In December I had a  young guy do my test, ...definitely fresh from school. I repeatedly told him I couldn't see the images
 or saw two lines of images when he could bring them in focus. 
When finished---the prescription--was no change???? 
Doctor's suggestion DRY EYES---heat packs, drops, etc. etc. 

Like a good girl---you know the 'good girl' syndrome----from the 50's ---"shut up and do as your are told!" So I did, I did the hot packs, drops, vitamins, allergy drops, wet drops....ugh!

I've worn glasses since my 40's. Then 10 years ago--tri-focals, which never really seemed to work. 
I lived in the house with my prescription readers designed for close to about 5 feet away what I called my computer glasses. And, really only wore the tri-focals when driving or out in public.
Nothing ever seemed to be truly ---IN FOCUS!

Like those of a certain age---?70's?, one hears of night driving issues. How about every intersection looking like a Macy's Christmas display? Halos and multiple images...and then it got worse.

I started not being able to read street signs, until on top of them. I began taking backways, and non-busy intersections, sometimes hard to do in Chicago suburbs.

While, my Ophthalmologist had been totally on board for checking for glaucoma and screenings for diabetes, she wasn't involved in the testing for my glass prescriptions. Finally in May, I asked if I could have another 'eye prescription' check---because I wasn't comfortable with the 'no change' in prescription. And, I thought I really needed new glasses. 

The ophthalmologist asked a series of questions. 

Did I see Halos?

Did I have Trouble reading or double images?

Were there issues of Night driving

Did I have a Sensitivity to bright lights, sun?

When I replied, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and I said, I saw two stop lights with one eye and three to four with the other making sometimes six lights with both eyes open.

(It's not really a good idea to close one eye when driving). 

Also, I had problems with the overhead light on my stove, way too bright.

Her eyebrows went up. Immediately she immediately made an appointment for me to see an eye surgeon because she suspected I had cataracts.

An eye surgeon??? I worried it might be something worse....I waited for the appointment.

At the eye surgeon, after 3 hours of testing and a thorough exam---
they said, I HAD CATARACTS in both eyes. Surgery dates were set and detailed directions for drops and list of return visits.

 My first laser surgery was on the worst eye, June 19 and now 3 weeks past, I'm seeing well with  distance, but my reading focus will be different. So I am back to squinting for distance with one eye, but, no multiple vision in that eye.

The next eye will be done on July 5th. and then after three weeks, I can be tested for a new prescription and new glasses.  This post was a struggle for me to see and type. But I think this message is important. 

If you have any of the SYMPTOMS above--speak with your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist, NOW!

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