Thursday, November 26, 2020

A Different Way to be Thankful!

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This might be a great way to share Christmas dinners also!

Wednesday was the day before Thanksgiving...and Hubby and I were cooking and all was well? 

Well, maybe---like many others we are not Gathering...but Hubby and I have been dicing, mashing, roasting and rolling, stuffing and, packing it all up!

We share holidays now, between three families and E except for THANKSGIVING! Seems my kids are daunted by roasting a turkey, making stuffing from bare bread, and the pies. 


Normally we ALL do apple pies together and make a bunch from a bushel of apples, but not this year. I did get a 1/2 bushel of Macs...just for pies and baking.


We've been watching Christmas movies to avoid the news----STILL! 

And, really hoping for peace on earth soon. Meanwhile there is no peace in the kitchen our island counter has been super busy! 

Stuffing: It started with a pound of giblets and one pound of Ground Turkey, and bakery bread cubes, celery, onions and fresh herbs, poultry seasoning, butter and lots of homemade broth. This made five aluminum loaf pans of Stuffing.


 My favorite!


Out thirteen pound turkey was lightly stuffed with lots of fresh herbs, celery and onions, smelled NUMMY. 

A fifteen pound Hickory smoked Ham...basted with ginger ale and baked all the way through. It smelled Delicious. Hubby cut it in thick slabs so it will stay juicy.


Red Cabbage, simmered with butter and apples to a dark rich burgundy, a Thanksgiving tradition here.

Five pounds of yellow potatoes, boiled and mashed with milk and butter.

The Five pumpkin pies, made from Halloween pumpkins we roasted. 


And, five Apple pies for one for each family  extra just in case.


One with a Dutch Apple crust, I froze for Christmas. The right one has my Mom-in-laws signature wheat piercings.


The rest have everyone's initials.


We made  finally made gravy after everything was cut and boxed last night. The secret to a nice bodied gravy is use your potato water and broth boiled in the bottom of the roaster with all the good bits!


We packed up our pickup truck with icecream/coolwhip/plates/napkins, all the food and ready for our traditional Christmas meal. 
OUR way to make it seem normal!


Best part everyone was in jammies or in the shower when we arrived. And we social distanced.

Delivery Service Free, with Thanks to our Family for being the best, staying healthy and safe. How else can we show love, more than that.


My son and family are putting up their tree today.

We made two more deliveries, caught E ...not dressed, and other son in the shower. 

Also included 2 hambones for the puppies at E's home.

Boys declared reverse Thanksgiving and had pie first!!!
Lots of texts and photos later! 

LOL..Thanksgiving in front of the TV. 
If it had to be a different Thanksgiving, this was a great way to do it.

Oops, buzzer went off, our meal is heating up in the oven right now!


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