Friday, October 20, 2023

A NEW experience, Mather Institute Art kits and program for Seniors.


I got this Fun box of goodies in the Mail....

A few weeks ago, I received my Mather Institute free craft box for online fibre craft class for seniors in Illinois. In the sandwich bags are three colors of very potent dyes, which I have re-bagged. Included was, some drawn and detailed instruction sheets as well as a bit of history on the seven techniques we will do, once a week. Also included were a little spray bottle, gloves, steaming bag, and lots more we will use another day.

Mather also has a facebook group for all the participants to share their projects, and every project is so different! 
The box contents doesn't look terribly exciting, but I will show each of the techniques, processes, my successes and failures as we go along. 

The technique today was Shibori, a Japanese technique usually done in one color by folding and dipping edges of your folded shape to produce a unique design. Like tie-dye, no pieces will ever be alike. 

Here's a directions sheet, we had 2 styles shown to us today, I chose the other which was basically folding your fabrics into tiny packages and dipping the corners.

The instruction package also includes some fun ideas and history of other fibre techniques. The moderator/instructor on the Zoom meeting or video if you choose is excellent, and we were able to ask live questions in the Zoom meeting. Currently they have 2000 people taking this class in three sections. Not everyone participates,  but it is interesting to meet others in the smaller sub groups---3-5...people.

This is the large piece of cotton included in the kit.
I cheated a bit and double dipped here and there...After the dyeing process, you basically cook the fabric in the microwave for 2 minutes, twice with a rest of 1 min in between. 

I think I misunderstood the directions and added water to my first bag which cause a lot of muddling. I didn't do it on the others and those have colors much brighter.

This is an old linen napkin from the 50's with a blue border that has a spot on it...I presoaked this in water and vinegar for 10 minutes, squeezed out the excess and it was ready for dyeing. All natural fabrics, yarns, threads  take the dyes better.

The fabric included in the kit was a large square of Cotton with finished edges. Here you can see I triangle folded and then folded all the corners in, here the dyes are quite bright, but this is the one I added water to and it really bled into each color.

Something really important when doing a huge group project is realizing, not everything is going to go perfect. This week I chose not to see the video before the meeting, and then I was scrambling to follow, plus I did this in my kitchen which I was concerned in messing with all this potent dye.

The Middle piece is one of the long silk scarves included in the kit. I wanted a Fall combo, so I double dipped lots of yellow then blue and get orange and green.

We are going to do a weaving project, so I quick did some bundles of cotton string.

Exciting to peek in the bag out of the, the steam got the camera...
Sandi, slow down...I felt like a kid on Christmas...

Ooooh, look at those bright colors on another linen piece, some really messed up antique fabric square I had---I plan to cut into strip for weaving.

Here is some the pieces I did today, all with done with just five 1/4 tsp. of dyes, vinegar, and lots of water and a bit of mess...perfect way to spend on a miserable Fall day. The bright colored piece at the right was an old placemat woven in Denmark with threads woven in from the 1950's. So, a dye job is a great way to SAVE it...!

Online, I got to meet with other seniors...see their projects and find out things we have in common. 

More on the Mather Institute in the future. TOMORROW we will see the final results! Such a fun way to spend an hour and a half. 

By all means, search SHIBORI dyeing and take a looksee at all the fabulous ways you can use this EASY technique. So this is the perfect 
OLD, NEW, GREEN, REDO project!

Happy Crafting!

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