Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My Hopes for a New Year

I started this blog as "Something Old, New, Green, Redo." I wanted to share life experiences, the arts, my meagre talents, my humor,  and exhibit the treasure trove of vintage goodies I have inherited and those fun things I find.


But, like all the fabulous ideas in my life-- I have managed to only become Old and I think in complete need of a Redo!

Blog or not to blog, that is the question.

Do you ever feel like that, overwhelmed and definitely in need of a redo? How about being an unfocused mess---that's what my blog seems to me. Like falling down the rabbit hole.....ever deeper.
However, that is me...an unfocused sometimes messy person.



What has changed in three years---well, the actual Blog World mostly, not me--for sure.

The vibe is different now. Not as personal, but calculated. Posts are more and more generic, aimed at the largest audience. Buzz themes are for the moment---geared toward advertising. I don't even have to look at my blog reading list to know decluttering, closets and storage are the unwritten themes for this month. Blog sponsors and sponsored posts will be from those categories.


Not here---Everything is old or scrounged for my coffee cabinet. No promotional possibilities here...lol.


Organized drawers from our kitchen remodel...they don't look like this now, lol.
I still love my dividers---possible promotion there.

You've got Mail!

I have watched my primary and social g-mails lists go from full everyday to insignificant, while the promotional section has swelled past 100's each day as everyone jumped on the advertising promotional bandwagon. I can't tell you of how many blogs I have dropped/or blocked emails from, this last year.

from my email-page
I checked my mail last night about 8pm, but---Primary this morning was 21, Social 30, Promotions 92.

So what about the content? Primary mail includes my Etsy shop and paypal--which was 10 of those 21. Seven of the remaining 11 were my own comments to others. Social---is filled with notifications and newsletters, not much better if they are also in Promotions. And hidden in Promotions were some of my favorite blogs, operative word--were my favorites.

How to lose your readers.

How do you lose my interest?---Inundate me with blog posts of how great this ugly (promoted-free) plant looks in my home, regardless if it is to scale, or even close to what a real plant might look like in my locale.

Example, cactus in a traditional home in New England, or a Norfolk Pine in the desert.

How about a post (several) of a hideous orange rug (from a sponsor)---placed in a new room in a new home---that just doesn't work---but is promoted with smiles by the blogger and kudos from the reading masses.

That post brought to mind the Hans Christan Andersen fairytale of "The Emperor's New Clothes."  The King was convinced he looked fabulous by adoring courtiers as he paraded in his 'all together-', until an honest child broke the spell, laughed-pointed, "The King is in his all-together!"

not mine- source- UK phrases

The unwritten RULES.

I do know the rules,---never say anything negative---just say nothing at all.

Despite the orange rug promoter having one of the most popular link parties in blogland, I dropped the blogger from my list and said nothing at all until now. Dozens of you are cringing remembering that post and the sell-out! Miraculously the rug disappeared once the bloggers contract with the company was completed only to be replaced I'm sure by something else. I hope the rug was donated to a charity, so something positive could come from it.

"To thine own self be true."

Three years ago, a blogger blogged maybe three times a week. Now popular blogs-post everyday sometimes more---with some sort of BLOG-MASTERBOT, linking/themselves with infinite podcasts, U-tubes, newsletters, updates, pinterest, twitter, blog-loving....and lots of other ways of screaming READ ME, I don't subscribe to.

I thought blogging was to enhance a life-style, not become one? I don't begrudge someone wanting to make a dime, but there must be better ways and still keep your 'soul'.


Only a few bloggers---really SHARE---their actual selves or skills on their blog. I gravitate toward those blogs and hope my readers are doing the same.

My own blog posts now have fewer comments and are far between, why? Are my posts---really unread, or irrelevant? Or have I just NOT jumped on the promotional bandwagon to produce those desirable  numbers to venture into Ad-arama blog-land. I have long been eligible.  Since I'm not planning on doing any sponsored posts or be owned by any major company---should I continue?


Unnamed Mulch at the bottom of the stairs---? Ad opportunity?

Do I try harder, or fall to the wayside, like dozens of my favorite bloggers? My hopes for 2018....

WE shall see.

Hmmmmm...perhaps like-minded bloggers could promote PROMOTIONAL FREE BLOGGER  on their site with a logo or something? Maybe we need to start a movement!


Wouldn't that just be the cake and the frosting for 2018, lol, having to PROMOTE---promotional free blogging.

The below has always been on my blog, perhaps I need to post it at the top? It was a conscious decision, a thoughtful intent. 

All the opinions and photographs in this blog are my own, I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions, posts or any products shown or anywhere I shop.

Thanks always for visiting. 
I will try and respond to every comment and answer every question.

All the opinions and photographs in this blog are my own, I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions, posts or any products shown or anywhere I shop.
 Please do not use photos without linking back to this blog without my permission. 

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