Friday, October 1, 2021

Midwest Excursions: Fishing, Peril and Being Prepared!

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This week we have had cool nights and blistering days---we are still in summer here in the upper Midwest.

Idyllic isn't it? 


Son and DIL camped in Shabbona (Illinois) State Park Campgrounds for a week. They rented a trailer and a boat to get away, safely. The campground in the middle of the week was quite empty. Perfect Covid Vacation. People wore masks in buildings, it was lovely.


The restaurant/services building at the dock station had this great info on Chief (Shab-eh-nay) Shabbona, a Potawatami Indian Chief from this area. He was also Peace Chief to the "Three Fires Nations": Ottawa, Chippewa and Potawatomi Indians during the Midwest Indian wars. The town of Shabbona (pop.1200) is roughly thirty miles west of Aurora, Il. Out in farm country, this damned up river/artesian springs lake and the surrounding area are a Forest Preserve as well as a State Park. 


The pontoon boat was huge, the lake is 315 acres-long and skinny with lots of created structure and fully stocked. The crazy weather has put a damper on fishing, but we were out in the middle of the day.


There was much discussion on where to try and fish. 


There was a healthy breeze, so you didn't realize how warm and sunny it was.


Here are remnants of the trees lining a road that actually crossed this lake bed before the damn was built. There is a submerged farm and many man-made cribs, rock falls or what fishermen call structure. The lake is well stocked by the DNR and some huge 
Muskie and Bass have been taken out of here.

My daughter-in-law relaxing and getting 'burned'.
Luckily we had a canopy, bug spray-which I used all over me, water, minnows, worms and great company.


After a few hours and barely any bites on anything we went in for lunch. All farm freshly made in the restaurant up from the dock.


The docking station where we were assisted by the owner of the Park services.


All those boats and kayaks are for rent. Great facilities and services. I loved all the kayaks lined up...the colors.

Now, for the Peril and Being Prepared.

Fifteen years ago, when I was working for a Big Box craft store, I was bitten by something in the neck five times. Either a spider, bee, or wasp and I immediately hit the ground and was caught by a coworker. I passed out clutching the skin around the bites. Paramedics were there quickly??? and I was given a shot and told to sit up and let go of my neck. I did, and the venom pulsed through me again and I was out.

Four hours later I woke up in the ER...after multi-courses of medications with my husband staring at me with concern.
Since this serious episode, I have carried an epi-pen...I limit my time outside this time of year because of the aggressive yellow-jacket wasps. Our yard is full of flowers and I do my gardening very early or very late. Or hubby does it!


THIS DAY--I CARRIED TWO PENS for the first time and FOR SOME REASON....
I suppose because I subliminally knew we were some distance from medical services, and since I still don't know what I was stung by the first time.

After lunch we walked back to the boat to take a tour around the entire lake, Away from the dock I put my hat on....a wasp was in the lining of the brim...I was stung at least twice on my ear...thank goodness not in the neck where the main veins and arteries are that can rush the venom to your heart and lungs.

I wavered waiting to see if there was a reaction---also to confirm that I was bit, and my ear started to swell in less than 30 seconds.
I gave myself the shot in the thigh, hard,  less than a minute after fifteen years of waiting and being prepared...

the Epi-Pen WORKED immediately. Swelling and sting went down, but
I felt disconnected and woozie for the immediate ride home (2 hours) and then slept for 6 hours and then another 12. 



It still was a beautiful day even though we were all skunked (Midwest for no catch)---my son caught 6 fish the next day....and we will certainly go back again...


This will be my Midwest Gardening view for now....until frost!
Hugs to all, be prepared, and stay safe!
Oh, Hubby did pick an entire garbage can full of huge Hubbard Squash and some sort of cross-bred pumpkins. We lost the two biggest pumpkins to Critters!!

What Critters are you feeding in Your Garden?

(I am in no way recommending any medications. If you suspect you have an allergy--or have a bite episode...consult your doctor on the best medication to carry.)

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