Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Midwest Gardening: May 2021 Freezing to Boiling....trying to catch up!

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These photos were taken May 27-June 3. After a week bout with near freezing temps, we dragged our feet on planting...and then finally got most of the vegetable garden in the ground. Then a blistering, windy dry HEAT wave.

The Virburnum has already dropped its petals, 

...it was gorgeous for a second.

This pot has already lost the Ranunculus in the middle. I've put it in deep shade now.

We had our huge silver maple trees professionally trimmed this year...and the back yard is no longer total shade, so the umbrella has been up a lot, protecting some shade plants.

This speedwell used to be in total shade, it bloomed and has really shrunk since then.

This rose had no blooms, I was afraid it was frosted.

The greenhouse prior to planting---the tomatoes were all blossoming.

Caladiums were wilting in the HOT temps in the greenhouse.

This was the temp at 8:30 am...with all the windows open and the fan running. 

I'm nursing the perennials before I put them in the ground. I emptied out the entire greenhouse and put everything under the back eaves on the north side of the house

There, I did a Barbie post---she was helping me wrangle all those plants I stuck in the shade.

Working hard!

Look at these HOSTA...waiting for a cool home!

She definitely looks better than I do in this heat!

Here's the garden 5/27 with some seeds in, I'll share some more photos next week, hopefully everything will still be alive. Seeds have sprouted, and the tomatoes are loving the heat.

My giant HOSTAS are just that, giant. Hubby has the watering system all straightened out and replaced. We had such a wet year---last year, such we didn't used any of the irrigation equipment. It all needed to be fixed and tweaked.

I still don't have this planter planted. We actually ran out of dirt after we ordered 5 cubic yards. Most went along the new driveway, on the east side fence, and all my pots. Our compost pile really didn't break down into compost much this winter. We will have great dirt next year though.

A new shrub rose out on the mound is taking off.

A Coreopsis was planted and seems to be happy.

Here's hoping you aren't broiling and you got your plants in!!

Hugs,  from Chicagoland.

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