Monday, April 23, 2018

Craft Room part 3: It's a Room


Okay, it's been a little over a month---and both of us having the flu for over two weeks---to get this far. Post Three, but maybe---5 weeks or so.

Entering the NEW craftroom, on the right we have standards up, some electrical showing. We chose this light colored wood paneling, with pegboard for most of the room.

This wall continues for 16 feet---my goodness, my first impulse is to counter this whole wall. But, we are holding off until I decide what I really need the space for. The plan is to have all moveable pieces on locking wheels. So I can configure the room in multiple ways. 

Down at the west end is the 10' wall where a sink will be---plumbing is already there. We will be using an ejector pump to get the waste water to go UP and out. Our sewer pipe is really only a few feet below outside ground level. Originally, in the clay shop we we ran a pipe sixty-feet into the sump pump well. We aren't allowed to do that anymore. 
It's a good idea to follow codes---a GREEN thing to do.

This niche corner is all paneling. I think it may be a great location for Vickie's Vintage 
or a photo area, for closeups.

The two sides facing out of the room. are also all paneling with heavy duty standards for shelving. 

My OLD geniuses, hubby and friend checking out the heavy duty standards for NEW storage shelving. Their week's plan: flooring and preliminary plumbing. 
I will keep organizing and take some photos of vintage for my Etsy shop.

The new standards hung in the shipping room wall. 

I removed the huge plastic shelving in here. I had become a 'packaging hoarder'! 
Here is the scaled down version of boxes and packaging.

Now under control---my packaging shelf is now by the desk. I downsized everything...but still hoard small boxes, the work horses for shipping online. My GREEN thing is trying to reuse bags, boxes and clean paper. I'm careful to save any packing envelopes and reuse them. 
In this day and age, we all need to reuse or recycle mailing refuse.

My work shipping station is almost clear. There are still two jewelry boxes that will be put in the craft room for a REDO.  My goofy OLD vintage lamp---which just makes me smile--has been rewired. I will probably use that in a corner of the craft room, for mood when overhead lights are off.  I'm anxious to use some of my own 'collection' pieces in there for decor.

The shipping room wall is a work in progress. 
Sometimes you have to live with a space for awhile, before deciding on a final configuration.
 I have another wrapping station to hang at the other end. 
Miscommunication---between 'Mars' and 'Venus' led to hubby 
hanging the big standards all the way across. 
The space underneath the shelves will be for only the bins I am working on. 

Plan for this week:
New floor in the craft room. 
Look at lighting---I'm happy with what is there, 'Mars' isn't. 
Work on at least two bins for listing in my Etsy Shop. 

HOW are YOUR projects going!

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 Sandi Magle

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