Thursday, November 10, 2016

Decisions:Kitchen Corner Buffet and Wall Bits

Okay, we have this lovely---all white kitchen now, except from my bits and pieces entering into the equation. The blue rugs are super, they have two families of blue, mustard gold/brown, cranberry red and cream in them. Works with any direction I may go.

Blue rugs, blue jars, a red antique eggscale, a new runner on the counter. 
The stools are slotted to be red.
The real problem is the corner buffet in the eating area.

Not just that it's colonial blue, circa 1986, but so is the wallpaper.

Suddenly it is dated, well it was dated before but I ignored that fact. 
So looking for inspiration, I brought home....

...this April Cornell runner and placemats. WOW! We are planning on painting the chairs and the dining table legs and creamy white, and leaving the wood top as it is, oak. The table is huge. Hubby really loved this, and said, go find wallpaper-just like that. HMMMMMM?


I started to think of a red color scheme for all the seasons in my kitchen. 
Spring my go to colors are yellow and paler blue and white.
 So popping red in-wouldn't be a problem.

Summer is all about red,white and blue---no problem here.

Then there is the link to nature, what could be better than tomato red, in our tummies or on the walls?

A post last spring with strawberries and the  blues.

I remember thinking the pinks and red didn't go together, but Nature has no color palette,
 other than ALL colors.

My garden had lots of early summer pinks, we could change that next year.

Late summer garden was full of reds, yellows, and oranges....perfect in my new kitchen.


I took a tour of my old photos to see what 'red' had crept into my home during the year.
 Here was a runner with burgundy berries from Denmark, 
and a tin I found at a thrift store.

All these chairs will be creamy white, 
and my favorite tablecloth for over a year has been this rusty red one,
 which matches the runner perfect. 
This was last Fall's table setting. The wallpaper in the lower back will be changed to red.

Christmas was a Red season and my kitchen pops, here with red. 
The Danish national flag, the Dannebrog decorated our kitchen tree. 
Last year I used peppermint ribbons...

Everywhere...this is the best color shot of the blue cabinet, 
which refuses to show up in natural light because of being in the corner.

So this is basically the color scheme, I'm seeing in my head. Red paper on the lower walls, and the stripe ticking replacing the upper walls and the border at the ceiling. 
The strips are softer and echo the bead-board ceiling and all my slatted blinds. 
Too many stripes??? I might have to use the peppermint ribbon elsewhere.

Here are samples with a few other options...
the curly red vines to the right were my first choice. 
The white paper with the trifoils is too white, 
the stripes seem to be the best idea.

All the things I love. My favorite vintage tablecloth, a new vintage teapot, 
Great Granny's bowls, Grandmothers coffeepot, 
Hubby's Granny's carders and peonies I originally moved from my parent's cottage.

Changes and choices...are sometimes hard.

This is the latest picture of the it is now. I have problems with photos in the area because you battle direct sun in the camera's eye.

Okay, so red paper....on the lower, creamy stripes on top---but the cabinet???
Red, cream, or cream with red-stripe paper inside, or red cabinet with paper inside, I just don't know?

Waiting for the paper to come and go up, but...
 I really should paint the cabinet now.

UPDATE 11/16/16
First piece of the striped wallpaper is up...and we are both thrilled. Cabinet will be painted last, as the jury is still out. Sandi

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