Friday, October 14, 2016

Barbie Vintage House REDO

Okay, so I'm in my local Goodwill...and sitting under a table was this Old Barbie house all folded up---for 499, yes, $4.99 for a mansion.
A Victorian circa the 90's, 1890's that is....sigh...very much like our first house in N. Wisconsin built in 1902.

I passed it by---because the Grand already has the NEW Barbie House we built last year for her, you can see the DIY and REDO posts here, HERE.

We play Barbie's at Gramma's, too.

I passed it by---next time I came around someone had opened it, and I totally fell in love. 
It wasn't perfect, but it was in super condition. A fixer-upper, yes, but with great bones! 

At home, I left one side open to look at the construction. Quite ingenious as the whole thing folds up, and when open locks in place.
 Mattel released this house in a variety of colors over quite a few years, with small decorative changes and different furniture.

I brought it home and Hubby just laughed. He found a board to put it on in the extra bedroom.
I think a total remodel may be in the works.

Here's the original configuration with the walls where they are supposed to be. The elevator really works, but the Grand can't reach it, so we are going to use it in place for more room and not even tell her it is an elevator. Some information on the internet said it was originally for the handicapped-Barbie that came in a wheel-chair at one time.

I wonder if I could extend that floor forward for more room. Oh dear, construction mess again, lol.

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Elevator going to the lower floor. Notice the built-in fireplace. I love the turret, can just see a Christmas tree in that space. Oh, and a window seat, to the left. The columns are quite nice, along with the stained glass windows.

The kitchen was in rough shape. Kitchen counter sink and appliances are in dire need of an updates. list, look for compatible kitchen. And the front door is missing, having a hard time finding what it actually looked like?

The stove was totally trashed.

Rest of the counter works, but..., it's so 90's.and no refrigerator, and no doors that open. NO The decals in this house are really cute though.

 The room above the the bathroom/bedroom. There are several cute little stained glass windows, throughout the house.

Above the kitchen is the Bedroom/Bathroom,  The turquoise counter is the vanity sink, but... you can see the dresser/tub as it looks pulled down. 
I found a great article on the best Barbie Mansions, and this one is listed as it was originally furnished and set up, OLD Barbie Dream Houses. 
I love the the cottage feel to this house. We will keep that, and this one will be furnished with Gramma's taste with a more antique vibe. Except for the kitchen. 
Ebay will show a multitude versions of this house in so many different colors...all for quite a pretty penny, too.

Ahh, at the end of the bedroom is this built-in armoire. The drawers don't work, I may have to remedy that, somehow.

 And the elevator area with the elevator in place on the second floor.

Having the house open this way, makes me think an addition might be the way to go. Extend the upstairs floor under the bathroom and also the downstairs with the bigger kitchen. 
The Grand is a major cook and so many mouths to hmmm.
 Also, one thing about Barbie houses, they have no closet space, we could do more sleeping area or closets.
Here's the front porch, with more stained-glass, all windows in great shape, planter box was empty, all except the mailbox intact. I love the posts and upstairs porch gingerbread.

But, when the Grand showed up, we dug in my box of Barbie size leftover furniture from the DIY Barbie House, and the girls moved in even before the remodel. 
Notice the washer dryer now in the proposed kitchen addition. Our Barbies are very clean.

Currently there are 6 Barbies/Elsa/Anna. It looks like an addition will be absolutely necessary, we/they think. And the Grand says we need to find a toilet, and another sink.  A new upstairs floor will allow the bathtub to be used all the time. Like I said, our Barbies stay very clean. 

So Where are the boys?

The 3 boys are lounging on the front porches and in the Tupperware pool. It was hot that day? Now, how do we find a man-cave for them or a bunk house? Another addition? Another house? Maybe they just visit, lol?

Stay tuned for remodeling updates: DIY Victorian Barbie house REDO.
I have some great ideas, a Victorian oval double bunkbed, a new kitchen, chandeliers, closets, a paint refreshening, and someplace for the boys?
Also some vintage Barbie furniture redo's.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Halloween and Pancakes:Windhill Pancake Parlor

Tucked away in northeast Illinois is the sleepy river town of McHenry, Illinois located on the picturesque Fox River. One of our favorite places to venture for breakfast is Windhill Pancake Parlor a block away from the river. It's one of those wonderful family places, filled with antiques, collectibles, teacup chandeliers and a bank teller's cage for a checkout.
Looks pretty standard and even this century with a new digital sign. 
But let me say, this place has a long history of celebrating holidays. 
***Major*** celebrating holidays.

In the vestibule next to the candy machines---Look who greets you with a severed 
head on a tray. He looks real...and like he knows a secret. 
If you want to know the history about Windhill, look here.

First of all, the food is fabulous...they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we have never been disappointed in thirty some years. From pancakes to Fish Frys and Fish boils, all in the midwest tradition of hearty farm food. Fresh and tasty!

Escorted back toward the scarier part of the 'parlor', we passed a whimsical ladder of pumpkins beckoning you on.

Zombie window...and spiders everywhere! Brains  and creatures hanging from the ceilings.

A cast of 69 employees and volunteers decorate the entire restaurant. And it is different every year.
Two deep windows at the back of the parlor are staged ---spooky-scarey!
Creative Mondays
One in a skull boneyard theme.

We were there in the middle of a week day so thankfully not all the motion sensors were on.
This signature "Windhill" mirror, was inhabited by Dracula...and a bloody message.
Everything is almost full-size.
My Picture of the Zombie wall was out of focus---or was it???

The beverage bar was a hoot!
There's cute too---along with the Holly Hobby plates, some sweet scarecrows.

Bats or are they flying monkeys? Mixed in the Wizard of Oz corner? And of course a Wicked Witch!
Even during non-holidays, this place is adorable.
Lights everywhere, pumpkins, pumpkins pumpkins!


The front window suitable for younger folk, smiling jack-o-lanterns and kitties.
The mantel...with jester halloween scarf. So colorful and cuteness!
Rats and bats...and Boo! sign. 
Under the table was a motion sensitive rat in a potato chip bag that wiggled, my pic didn't turn out---so sorry...he was a hoot!
All year-round is the Choo-Choo that delivers ice-cream treats at the back of the ice-cream parlor. This is so much fun for kids of all ages.
More spiders in the Oz corner!
Windhill is full of memorabilia of days gone by on a daily basis, along with great home cooking and the most fabulous pancakes.
The Dorothy table.

This was last friday---everyone needs a countdown to Halloween!

This pumpkin guy was just so dang happy,  I have to make one.

"Good-bye"--we hope to bring the Grand next week!

Hope you enjoyed the tour...there was tons more----you almost have to spend the day...looking and our late breakfast was delicious. 

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