Sunday, February 5, 2017

Tea in the Mansion

While the DIY Barbie Mansion waits for the total REDO
we must still must be civilized and have late afternoon tea.
Some of these photos are with natural northern light, and some are not.

The existing cottage colors---really show up in these photos taken on my 
Macro setting on my 'Photography for Dummy's' camera. I'm not going to even list the make, as it is ancient by today's camera standards--a point and shoot.
The NEW color scheme will be a bit more restrained. 
Traditional biscuits (Danish Maria cakes) and assorted layer cakes are on the menu.

One of the guests arrived early, 
 bringing a delicious Chocolate Charlotte Russe, the recipe is HERE!

The flowers chosen are Faux roses, but the vase is perfect with the blue tea set. 
The layer cake is has strawberries and a chocolate ganache layer---YUM! 
The vintage red table, is on the list of REDO's in the future.

Waiting in the wings is a Danish Layer Cake, in case the boy's wander in. 
A stash of beverages is in the background, sparkling waters, 
sparkling fruit juices and of course, cans of iced tea!

The OLD Table cloth is 1950's Danish homespun with a counted stitched edge and cut-work.

Here's Ryan getting ready to have a beverage, he wandered in with a hot cocoa. 
The boys are always eating and drinking something. Most of the accessories are vintage.
 Hot dogs are in the microwave---those aren't on the TEA, menu, Ryan!

Ryan rearranged the table? The kettle is hot...tea anyone?

Cut-work on the edge of the OLD cloth. I think this is the wrong side.
 Amazing what you see when you take closeup photos.

The OLD silver tray is vintage!

The boys are gone---we are now ready for a real tea! 
May I cut a piece of the Chocolate Charlotte Russe for you?

I was practicing with the Macro setting on my camera, and this post just---happened. 
Hubby stopped by my computer screen and asked, when did I get the blue teaset. LOL.

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