Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fall: Is it really Around the Corner?

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I'm finally coming up for air from dealing with garden produce. In the Midwest, we had HUGE rain and storms last night, but it has seemed to have pushed the horrid Temps and Humidity 
out. I actually de-summered the living room. And, actually began thinking about Fall.

These are some of my old photos from when I first began blogging.

Crab apples at the Botanic Gardens.

 Geese feeding in the local Forest preserve.

Are you ready for Pumpkin Spiced coffee from a Vintage Pot and cup on the porch?

 Old photo from N.Wisconsin sunflower field.

Natures' bounty arrangement, everything from our yard.

Our home is Fall with rich colors all year long. 

Casual table setting with vintage and new.  Garden flowers, produce and faux fruit. Can you guess which is which?

Squirrel in vintage margarita glass, everyone is nuts about Fall!

Some photos, just can't be arranged, Nature does it for you.

Everyone is fattening up for winter in the Farmhouse kitchen.

Lots of faux flowers in an old Ironstone pitcher.

She's shy...hiding in the Fall leaves.

Front porch in long shadows.

Huge acorns from the Lakewood Forest Preserve in my mom's 1950's wooden cracker server.

Pilgrimage to the Pumpkin Farm. Love the old wagons we pulled our pumpkins in.

Bounty on the Buffet. All warm tones, natural,  Antique silver and Jamestown glass candlesticks from 1986.

Almost antique brass candlestick from my Great Grandparent's wedding anniversary. Dried Hydrangeas and gourds from our garden. Indian Corn in an old glass pitcher.

Is Fall showing her lovely sheen in your neck of the woods?

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