Thursday, October 19, 2017

Midwest Gardening in October

I've already belabored the woes of our crazy Midwest weather this year, it's been crazy all over the country though. Bits of beauty survive in our yard despite no Fall color to speak of and everything
on the tail end of dead.

Here in Chicagoland, despite the heat and drought of August and September, the Zinnias were extremely vigorous. Not too many blossoms, but lots of growth. In drought I hold back on fertilizing, as plants are just trying to maintain their existing leaves and flowers. I'm sure this reduced blooming on everything.

The last two weeks Silver Maple trees have cast about leaves almost everywhere each day. We will be mulching all our garden beds, a GREEN thing to do.

These double layered Zinnias have petticoats of orange under there crimson centers. The lime green leaves in pots are the last of our hot peppers.

I leave perennials in the garden until they seed this time of year. 
Black-eyed Susans are in the background, ready to drop their seeds.

Leggy Coleus and the last of the Impatiens on one of our full rainbarrels.
Rainbarrels are a great way to help drought gardens. We have four and will probably add another next year.--another GREEN thing to do.

Our pond with dried up squash vines hanging. Cherry Tomatoes behind still trying.

Some Ruby Chard and Carnival (mixed) Chard. 
This will make some great greens for some soup. NUM!

Mislabeled HOT peppers----LOTS more than we will ever use.

Cinderella has nothing on us. 
This pumpkin perched itself on an OLD antique cultivator and grew to a 
spectacular size for a homegrown pumpkin.

I have big Scandinavian hands----so this will show how big this perfect pumpkin is.
We only had two large pumpkins and three small ones, about 20% of our usual production.

REDO: Hubby rebuilt the 'family' cultivator last year, and now it's a pumpkin perch.

Here's the last Spaghetti Squash still on the vine with overgrown green beans hanging there too. This was taken late in the afternoon, I love the shadows and leaves in this photo---un-altered photo.

The front porch is finally cool enough to sit on the furniture. 
Trees block the low sun now, instead of boiling the porch.  
My Fall arrangement is a REDO with dried gourds from last year. 

My house plants are still happy on the porch. But they will have to come in soon.

I haven't found my bin of Fall decor, yet or my sunflower pillows?
But then, without color in the trees, it just doesn't feel like Fall.

Next week is Halloween---really? 
An OLD thrift shop witch swinging in the wind, I call her Gerty and she is the 
extent of Halloween decor this year.

Maybe this weekend, we can get some things up. 

When is it going to look like Fall? Orange and Yellow, 
doesn't go well with Christmas Decorations, lol.

How's your Fall going?

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