Monday, September 16, 2019

Thoughtful Moment #2

We moved here in 1984...

Spliced photo(s) of the neighbor's American Elm Tree
and this isn't all of it, add another 20 feet or so. 

Only one foot from our lot line, this neighbor's 100 foot+ Elm has been a source of great beauty and fear. There were quite a few giant Elms in the area, apparently immune to the Dutch Elm Disease that was so rampant decades ago. We've watched most of them crack, get hit by lightening, die dropping in pieces upon anyone or thing underneath them, or were cut down.

Over fifteen years ago we offered our neighbor to split the cost of taking it down (3-4K at that time). His answer was, "That's what insurance is for." Problem is, this tree is on the west edge of the property. If it falls it hits the main power lines (south), takes out our garage and both cars, (east) or takes out our house and the back of the garage (northeast and north).

Every time there is a storm...I watch and worry. It gets so bad, I sleep in a back bedroom some nights. The squirrels haven't nested in the higher limbs for over ten years. 

What does that tell you? 

Maybe, squirrels are smarter than neighbors and insurance agents.