Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Pond under the Kitchen Window

Our Pond under the Kitchen Window

The windows are open in the kitchen as much as the weather allows, 
and we just love the soft 
sound of the water. 
It's peaceful, serene and background 
for all the chirping 

This year we added a Spathiphyllum, 
Water Iris, and Papyrus as pond plants, which are so-far-so-good.
Our fisher people are a little concrete girl and boy…holding old cane poles,
 the fountain is a fish of course.

The rocks surrounding the pond and making the bench are from my sister-in-law's in Door County, Wisconsin. I was a cheesehead, ya know.
Black-eyed Susans and an exuberant Phlox are the main flowers right now. 
My pots have Coleus and a Hibiscus in bright orange. 

The planters to the right hold the usual Petunias, Geraniums and Marigolds, 
and Lime Potato Vine, protected by a frog on his own lilypad.

The Del Oro Gold Lilies pooped out with the hot weather.

Behind the planter wall, is a rustic frog lurking in the Canterbury Bells
which apparently needs a spritz of paint …to show.

Hope you enjoyed our pond.

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