Thursday, June 22, 2017

Junkin' Finds: Early June 2017

Not too many goodies this month. Most of my spare change has gone to the garden. But I did find some OLD things, and some to REDO. Remember thrift shopping is a GREEN way to support many causes and keep things out of the dump.

The fairly NEW white metal pitcher in the upper left with Sunflowers was $2.00 at a garage sale, it probably won't leave the table until Christmas

This lovely OLD earthen dinner plate is a brand called Scotch Ivory. It is a sponge print, as well as the green leaves are hand-painted and reminiscent of Blue Ridge pottery here. SCOTCH IVORY made many patterns.

Made in Scotland, with a mark of B.P. Co. Ltd. Here is an interesting .matching chocolate pot.
Britannia Pottery Company was in Glasgow, Scotland and in business from 1896-1935. The mark has a seated full-face Britania in the circle which dates this piece from 1920-35, or as early as 1915. 
Another company with the same name operated in Staffordshire,  England and  shouldn't be confused. 
This is a bit of a sleeper and is worth way more than the $1.00 I paid for it. HMMMMM!

This fairly NEW jewelry box is a medium size all-wood and nicely finished. It has great wall hardware on the back--and will be perfect in my bathroom-as is, unless I paint it blue in a REDO and the pink insides have to go.

I love that GoodWill is finally matching up cups and saucers.

Definitely OLD and used, this is a creamy white clay body with a whitish glaze with the cobalt underneath. Cobalt blue is very strong and is the reason the potteries used it as it can penetrate almost all gloss glazes even whites. Stable---it provided consistent results even when there were gross changes in temperatures in kilns. The three crown/waves (Scandinavian) were the key to looking for this as the signature is a bit illegible until you see it clearly.

The pattern is SHANGHAI by Rorstrand (with two dots above the o) in Sweden. This company has been in business for over 300 years and is still going strong. The cup and saucer date from 1915-25, and must have been very popular over the years.  

These adorable cordial glasses by Delft were made for a chocolate mint liquor popular in Holland and are probably only vintage. 
The detail is amazing and they are also on a creamy clay body. I had to keep these. These were shoved in a plastic bag hanging on the Great Bags of Crap wall at Savers for $2.00.

These were also in another bag for $1.00. Really! 
----they are perfect and adorable, with the Made in Holland stickers and 
the Delft Blauw signature on the bottoms. Most of the blue is handpainted with only the 
Windmill scene as a transfer.

A bunch of immaculate linens at my favorite thrift store, bundled 3 for 50 cents.
The green ones are cotton and will make great rugs in the Barbie House.

These are tatted, two with lovely lace pattern, i haven't seen before.

Both of these are unusual, the top one is crocheted, while the bottom is tatted. Rarely see small square 
doilies.   All together I think I spent $1.25 on these. These will be reused in projects a GREEN thing to do.

And a super sturdy lidded basket for $3.00. Always handy for portable storage.

May your GREEN Junkin' and  huntin'  be fun and successful!

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