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Father's Day Seafood Boil Our Style

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 First -Happy Father's Day to all those great Fathers out there. 

First we have some different Summer traditions here at the OldNewGreenRedo Home. 

One of these is having an outdoor fish boil or a fish fry for Summer holidays. This year the 'father's' all called for a Midwest Door County Fish Boil.

Typically, Wisconsin Trout Boils are done on an open fire in a huge kettle with Fish, Potatoes and onions. Large Trout and Salmon are quite fatty, so the secret is to boil everything until the kettle overflows and spills out the floating fats that are released in the water. 

(We skipped this step by using trimmed Salmon sections)

This grim table setting was practical for the 90+ heat inside with a messy dinner. I've had too many table cloths stained from the seasonings from this delicious meal. Outdoors you can just hose everything down, but it was too hot by mid-afternoon to eat outside!

As a family, we are all lovers of ALL types of seafood, so we do a mixed Seafood boil. It starts with this huge kettle, on a gas burner, full of water and an entire can of Old Bay Seasoning+s1 1/c cups of salt for all that water. 

Behind hubby is the table with one of those blow-up ice trays, all the raw products outside are set in ice and covered with a plastic tablecloth.


Once the kettle is on a full rolling boil...small potatoes (pricked), large carrots are chunked, small onions and this year we added large fresh parsnips cut roughly an inch thick. These are all cooked until nearly done.

Time varies as you have to allow the water to come back to a boil, it's a matter of testing rather than timing. So the lid goes back on!

Once this is going about 3/4 done, Corn sections are added and brought back to a boil, again smaller pieces to cook evenly and lidded.

Once all the veggies are done---we added the Salmon sections. Coho or Lake Trout isn't always available, so we do Salmon instead. Rather that using the fatty large slabs, we opted for the trimmed servings. These are contained in a strainer inside the pot.

The fish really doesn't take very long---Hubby gently cooked these about 7-8 minutes depending on how thick your pieces are. The stainless strainer is perfect to keep the pieces from breaking. He removed the fish in order to finish up the rest of the seafood.

Next are the Shrimp...we used thawed raw shrimp, medium size which cook up tender. Shrimp take only a few minutes -3-4 min in a boil.

The clams and mussels were frozen pre-cooked and thawed, The will basically be tossed in at the end to heat up. We have found this is the safer way to do them as we know for sure they are cooked properly and less opening failures, actually more economical in the long run and still delicious.

Once the water boils one more time, the salmon is added back into the top to reheat.

Isn't this crazy----It's so good, the only table additions needed are lemons and butter, which basically is used on the corn. The huge bowl keeps everything warm, and everyone just picks and chooses what they want to gorge NUMMY!
Don't forget plates for the rubbish!

My favorites are the mussels, fish and corn...

There were only two pieces of fish left in the end.

When the table is quiet and no one is talking you know the food is

seconds, can't eat too much of this. And everyone gets to pick their favorite. 
I think our Grandgirl ate 1/2 the clams, lol.

We are an International family with German, Danish, Lithuanian, Philippine, and Czech heritage, and everyone is happy with this meal...the 
Family Favorite!

Thanks to my son for taking the table photos...I was  too busy eating...LOL.

I hope you all had great food, family fun and memories!

I know we have some leftovers....but that's great no cooking for a few days, since it's in the 90's again.

What's your Family's 

Fish Seafood Boil for 12
Very Large kettle (30 or 32qt with
example of a fish kettle without the lid.

Ours is an old Mirro Pot just like this inherited from my dad.
Hot source of heat, fire or gas burner outside.

Water filled up to 3/4 full in large kettle
add 1-1 1/2 cups of salt
add 1 whole can of Old Bays Seasoning (a must) a savory mixture of herbs, paprika (not hot).

Bring to rolling boil and add 
6 super big carrots chunked
4 large parsnips 1" slices
1 bag of small yellow onions (2-2 1/2") whole or 12-16
Small potatoes 1-2 per person (yukon gold or reds work well prick with fork or side sliced off so they don't explode)

Bring to boil covered and cook until beginning to go soft. (pierce test the veggies)

Add 18 thawed or fresh corn chunks (we actually used frozen-thawed out this year) and bring to rolling boil. (Later in the summer season we use fresh corn) cook for 4 minutes, Cook for 12 minutes or so.

Add fish(12-16 servings of Fish (Lake Trout, Coho, or Salmon) in colander. Submerge 7-8 minutes in the kettle, then remove the colander and set to the side covered. If you use full -size steaks it will take a few minutes more. We used 1/2 piece trimmed boned salmon steaks.
Then add:
3 bags thawed raw shrimp and cook no more than 4-5 minutes.
 then add 
3 bags of thawed pre-cooked mussels and
3 bags of thawed pre-cooked little clams

Bring this all to hot steaming--then add the fish colander again.  Put the lid on for 3-5 minutes to heat it all through. Everything should be steaming when done.

Get help to lift the large strainer out of the kettle.

Serve in a huge bowl or trays with lots of clippers and serving pieces and let everyone, just dig in while it's hot.

You can balance out the seafood types for your crew. 

From the initial rolling boil-total time cooking for this was @ 45-60 minutes. This depends on wind, air temps and your heat source.

We traditionally serve this with butter, lemons, hot sauce (if desired), homemade coleslaw, and marble rye bread.

We cooked extra for leftovers, there was only 8 of us, but this recipe could server 12-16 if you don't plan on leftovers. 

This can all be done on a smaller scale in a large pot with less vegetables in the house. We sometimes do this for 4-6 in the house in the good. I'll cook the corn in another pot. The timing stays about the same to get the different types of foods completely done.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Our Favorite HomeMade Rhubarb Pie

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Our Favorite HomeMade Rhubarb Pie

This post always crops up in the stats this time of year, so I thought I would repost the original. We had this this last weekend with 1/2 strawberries...and it is so good either way! 

HomeMade Rhubarb Pie

My Family loves HOME MADE PIE...above any other food.
We have two rhubarb plants in the backyard that have been struggling. I picked rhubarb this morning, since it was again so hot---I was afraid I would lose the new crop.

Rhubarb Pie (adapted from BettyCrocker's Pie and Pastry Cookbook circa 1972.)
The color is so bright.

Who wouldn't love pie on a hot summer day?

I cool this and let the pie settle before eating.

Our kids didn't come! So we had to have some after supper.

Hubby scooping the vanilla ice-cream, a rich Illinois brand we picked up, not really full of sugar calories, but LOTS of fat calories...sigh. 

We tried not to be hogs...secret of the cheat is pieces for the  top crust.

Rhubarb Pie (adapted from BettyCrocker's Pie and Pastry Cookbook circa 1972.)

2 8-9" deep Pastry Pie Shells (frozen store bought) one was cracked in pieces, so I used those pieces for the top...that's the cheat!

Mix together in a bowl
1 cup of sugar
1/4 cup of all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp of cardamon (optional)
1 capful of vanilla

 Whisk the above together to break up the vanilla and mix thoroughly.

4 cups of fresh rhubarb-Clean and dice into 1/2" cubes

Spread one half the rhubarb in the bottom of one pie crust.
Sprinkle 1/2 of the sugar combo across evenly.

Layer other half of the rhubarb
Sprinkle the rest of the sugar combo on top. (This will be heaping but will cook down)

2 Tbsp of butter dotted evenly over the top.

Break or take broken bits of the second pie shell and inter-lace across the top in a haphazard pattern to mostly cover the top. You can be creative here---just leave open spaces for the Pie to breathe.

Attach strips of foil curving over edge of the pie pan and tucking tightly under the edges. Bake on a pan to catch drippings.

Bake in 400 degree oven for 45 min.
Pull off foil and bake 15 min. longer or until crust is evenly browned and the filling is oozing out of the sides and bubbling in the middle.

Easy enough to warm in microwave...serve with
ice-cream, cool whip or a light sour cream(NUM)!


TIP: As in the above recipe,  I also use 1/3 less sugar in everything I bake. If more moisture is needed I add unsweetened applesauce for missing sugar in recipes about 2/3 part applesauce to 1 part sugar.

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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Midwest Gardening 2024: Yard Projects and Vegetable Gardening for Seniors.

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Projects and the Vegetable Garden, June 3, 2024

We are still in Catch Up mode from all the projects that didn't get finished last year.

These wood 'boxes' were used on the East side which is now all planted in Perennials and they are waiting for a new location?


Hubby finished the back porch, again we are using the carpet for safety, wood stairs are very slick with ice or even rain. Safety is a theme here at our home now as we age and todder herea and there.


This ledge was built for planters...and soon will just have are garden refuse cans underneath. 


Speaking of are all our cans lined up for one week (minus two more for yard waste). Cleaning sheds and all the projects in the yard has really kept our garbage collectors busy...every week. 


Five of our Seven yard waste cans!


Hubby has been replacing our wooden walkways with cement squares. All the new wood along the railings are reinforcements and replacing. Sometime this summer all the wood will get stained.


We have a gentle slope on this lot across the back yard, so the step downs are here and there. Hubby is laying block for here.

Inside the new service patio, We raised this bed with new and compost soil added. I planted Asian long pole beans in here and some squash. The old gates are going to be perfect for trellises.


Between laying 'stone' in the greenhouse, here and the walkway, we are done this year. Next year we will do in front of the greenhouse and along the other side.

Starting in the small patio in the garden...that I hope is a Holly's going bonkers in that small planter. Lots of birds bath in this old birdbath we have had forever.


Our Silver Maple trees have actually grown since the severe trimming two years ago. and this area has some shade. We've moved the Pepper plants we usually had here into the garden, but the Peas are thriving and this week are starting to blossom.


The back stairs did get done late last year...but the decking and the siding is fighting with molds. We are planning on pressure washing everything when the planting is done.
Above the back pond, where I really hacked back the roses, they are beginning to bloom. Unaltered photo---so bright.


This was our woodpile area, which we cleaned up as most the wood had rotted. We severly pruned back the Lilac, but they are hardy and will definitely recover. 


This is our infamous compost pile, the stuff to the right is our neighbors. All kitchen waste, most grass cuttings, leaves, trimmings go into here and get tilled up with some compost starter. We couldn't do what we do---if we didn't have this.


Early last week...all the construction still going on.

Top down... 8 Broccoli plants (now only 6) someone was chewing on them. 

Strips  of Chard Fordhook and rainbow.


Wide Carrot bed 

Lines of Beets

and 4 Brussel Sprout plants. 
 A bit of empty space to the right waits for flower transplants. 


This area was the holding spot for all the planting containers. 


Much of that is Mint that I wintered over in pots inside of a plastic bag we buried in the compost pile. MINT has to be potted or it will invade everywhere. We use it to control the bees where we sit, work or by entrances. 
This is about $120 worth of plants that are on their third year....a big REDO savings.

Behind this area are the railing containers.


These were actually planted in the Greenhouse...and are producing great onions, lettuce, spinach, radishes and some flowers. This one has a vine on one end...waiting to see what it is???


I had to add extra dirt to this pot to get the radishes going to radish?? Or however you say it.


I planted two types of spinach, and it is very successful when there aren't critters chewing on it.


I have 5 of these mixed planters from the greenhouse.

 I've started three more with more Lettuce/greens,  greenhouse Hot Peppers and some greenhouse flowers.

The box planters below are for shady plants, I can move these around where I need a little character later.


We had to 'weed' kill the Morning Glories under the trellis...they have been an issue for twenty years or so. They just ruined the beans and pickles last year. 
We have pallet wood, an old bedspring and some 4x8 trellis frames upright here. Hubby made a raised shelf now for the Green Beans have a chance to survive up off the ground. 
I have our Peppers in pots here also on the right. 


Another raised bed has Bush Pickles, several Squash (for the trellis on the fence) and Bush Beans. This will help our senior backs. I may have to add more dirt later.


I have only 8 Heirloom Tomato plants this year, grown from seed and kept in the greenhouse this Spring. Honestly they were starting to blossom in there.


I grew these bush Pickles in the greenhouse...! 
Critters seem to leave larger plants alone.
We are designing the garden for Seniors as we are on the long end of our  70's now.


I have Trellis Pickles in here. We filled all these pots from the compost pile and added new potting soil also. These pots will all stay in the garden year-round and be fertilized with new soil added as needed. 


The potted Carnival and Green Peppers look healthy and HAPPY!


I planted Zucchini, only three this year from the greenhouse.


This is an ornamental Corn plot---but I think the bird/chippies/moles/mice have eaten every sprout that came up. I can still do something else here if that is what has happened.


Along the back fence, we have beans, squash, sunflowers, but they have been chewed on also


My neighbor has some sort of bamboo like grass that gets 12 feet tall as a privacy screen. 


Beans are having a hard time here, Kentucky Wonder.


More Squash and some Marigolds.


1 sprout making it from 6 seeds. and a hole from some critter chewing on them?


We banned the family away from here until Father's Day so we can get all the  areas FINISHED. 
Still, everything seems to still be a work in progress.

We had to take a few days off because of all our heavy rains, but, I will be out in the yard all day today.

I'm sure everything is going crazy out there!

How are your Vegetables Doing?

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The photos in  this blog are my own or I have permission to use them from family. Any others will be attributed to source if possible