Friday, November 2, 2018

Fifty Thanksgivings!

Hubby and I celebrated our 50th Anniversary this summer. Well, it was a very low-key celebration. 

But, I can't help but think this will be our 50th Thanksgiving...and how blessed we have been to 
enjoy another Fall, our favorite season together.

Every season brings joy, trials, tribulations...and the season's move on.

There is calm and...


with the bonds of old friends, family, 

and the beauty of nature flourishing in your backyard.

We enjoy the preservation and joys of simple things.

Sun filled Fall days and family gatherings to give Thanks.

Sunshine on the porch, a fuzzy throw to cuddle in the evening. 

Plants and flowers trying to survive the crazy temperatures. 

Inside, I bring out the rusts and golds in our blue and white kitchen.

Kitchen scents fill the air as the cinnamon and pumpkin meld in sweet perfection. Vegetables are harvested from the garden.

Heirloom family recipes are baked and the results savored and saved for holidays.

Soups fill crockpots and warm our inners on chilly nights.

Simple biscuits are perfection when rolled and baked with homemade pumpkin butter.

Who can resist apple pumpkin muffins?

Favorite platters are washed in anticipation of company coming.

Silver...shall I polish or not?

Heirlooms, loved by you or someone else take their places.

Dusk comes and lamps are lit earlier and earlier.

Throws and cushions fill our couches, and are welcomed on chilly nights.

Teapots hold warmth and welcoming to guests.

Favorite cups brimful with steaming hot tea.

Last blooms grace the tea table.

Precious linens are brought from storage for use.

Quilts are washed and aired for cold weather cuddling.

Dried gourds and Hydrangeas grace our tables.

Family heirlooms find their way to the buffet.

Christmas pig is busy fattening up for the holidays.

Giving thanks for the Earth's bounty and beauty.

Simple bowls filled with Fall.

Woods are oiled and polished.

Nuts gathered by the Grand find their way here and there.

I put together florals with dried and faux. I love all of Fall's colors, muted or bright.

A gorgeous real pumpkin graced the buffet.

Maybe I will polish our heirloom brass this year and use on the table.

Thanksgiving is the End of Fall in our home, and....

Christmas comes soon enough, and needs not to be rushed.

 ...the dead of Winter is just around the corner.

Snow and the Holidays will be here soon enough, don't you think?

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