Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Look who just FLEW in on her BROOM: The Witch on my Buffet

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The Witch on my Buffet!

Hi! This year has been disruptive, hectic, and intense. I've been unable to do much gardening, we are surrounded with totes and bins that still need to be dealt with, the house is a fright (having nothing to do with Halloween) and that may be for another two months.

Yesterday a package arrived of a 'great buy'; a doll I didn't even know was being made. One of my favorite actresses, Helena Bonham Carter, arrived a Mattel doll made for the Harry Potter series. Her character is Bellatrix LeStrange...the  insane and dangerous witch vilan-ess.

Apparently she was at her best in the HPotter film, dark, daring, crazy, the perfect part for her. (I confess I fell asleep in the first movie, and haven't seen any of the others) But, the dolls from this series are so interesting. All are fully articulated and actually look like the actors themselves. I love the white bits in her fluffy signature ringlet hair.

Mattel outdid themselves, she is gorgeous. I adjusted her skirt, sheathed her wand, and let her visually cast magic on my buffet which is the only spot really decorated for Fall in our disaster home. 

I just had to share, that I'm decorating a bit, but not really, except for the lovely Witch on my Buffet.
 I may have to see that second HP movie!

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