Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Homemade Pancake Waffle Mix for Santa

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Christmas morning homemade waffles. 
The mix is a simple mix, I make and keep on hand at all times for pancakes or waffles. This is a gluten recipe, but I'm sure could be adapted for those with issues with gluten.


Besides the mix, you need vegetable oil, buttermilk or milk and eggs.


Santa had worked very hard the night before---and so had the elves. And we were hungry.


Can't you just smell this delicious goodness.


In season I use fresh fruit, out of season I use frozen berry medleys or the berries of your choice cooked down with juice. Today I used cranberry juice cooked with blackberries, cherries, strawberries and raspberries. I don't add sugar, but I thicken it with a bit of cornstarch and a pinch of vanilla extract maybe 1 tsp. for cup of berries.


It's only for Santa and Mrs. Claus today---the rest of the elves are resting in their homes.  
Sprinkled with almonds, these waffles are festive for sure.


We have gone through our stash of lingonberries from IKEA
which is a favorite topping with pancakes.
But, I cooked the berries down just to get a good juice going.


The secret to divine waffles is to separate the eggs, and beat the egg whites and fold them in.


I hope your days are berry and bright...LOL. 

Recipe for Homemade Healthy Pancake/Waffle Mix

3 cups of unbleached flour 
3 cups of whole wheat flour
3 cups of long cooking oats
6 Tbsp of Baking Powder
2 Tbsp of salt
3 Tbsp of Baking soda
2/3 cup of ground flaxseed
2/3 cup of sugar (or add applesauce/fruit/or sugar as you use it: 
(1 1/2Tbsp equivalent per 1 1/2 cup mix)
sift ingredients together and store in tight container.

Recipe for pancakes for 4
1 1/2 cups of mix
2 eggs blended -or egg beater equivalent
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
1 tsp. Vanilla extract or your choice
(sugar/fruit to taste-we often use apples chopped up)
1 to 1 1/2 cups of low-fat buttermilk or milk
add nuts, fresh fruit or dried fruit if desired.

Mix all ingredients---quickly until blended, 
fry on griddle, enjoy!

Waffles are made same as for pancakes, except separate eggs.
 Blend in mix as above with egg yolks,
then whip whites until light and fluffy fold in, 
and use 1/3 cup of batter per waffle. Makes 8 waffles, light and fluffy. 

Extra pancakes or waffles I freeze, for a quick breakfast.

I have no idea where this recipe originated, but it has been tweaked from a basic 
pancake recipe over the years (30+). 


Hope all Santas/Mrs.Clauses enjoy. Kids will enjoy also and have no idea
they are eating anything healthy. 

From our Vintage home to yours,
We wish you a

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