Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Let There Be Peace On Earth - Voices of Hope Children's Choir (Virtual C...

Let there peace on earth--childrens' choir

Let Us Give Thanks for our Bounty 
and work to keep our Families, Friends and Loved Ones Safe! 

Enjoy your Family& Friends time---and Christmas can wait until December. 

Youtube  rendition
Arranged by Keith Christopher Adapted and directed by Sarah Grandpre Video Production - Cody Jay /codyjaymusic.com Instrumental arrangement - Corey Hirsch Pianist - Zach DeChance We pray for a safer world and a future where we can live in peace and harmony with one another. Taking a moment to honor those who came before us as we promise to uphold the values we believe in, that all people are created equal and are precious children of God. Although we are physically apart, our hearts sing as one. We hope to change the world, one song at a time 🌎❤️🎶 ‘Let there be peace on earth And let it begin with me Let there be peace on earth The peace that was meant to be With God as our Father We are family Let us walk with each other
Let peace begin with me Let this be the moment now. With every step I take May this be my solemn vow To take each moment and live Each moment in peace eternally Let there be peace on earth And let it begin with me.’
In perfect harmony.

Sincere good wishes, Sandi
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