Thursday, April 13, 2017

Elusive Spring

(Post is from 2017...but wanted to visit the Garden Show again!)

It's no secret that while half the country had an early, though sporadic Spring, 
elsewhere it has been elusive.

Here in Chicago it burps for half a day, and then disappears in freezing rain.

Last year we planted with pansies now.

Glorious daffodils at the Garden Show

Table top inspirations

Tulips at the show

Just to smell dirt in March is a Godsend.

Inside Birds nested

Eggs hatched

Our porch bloomed, not this year, yet.
Nothing is on my front door, or on the front porch except twigs and wind refuse, 
which hasn't stopped with the constant overflowing gutters.

Ivy topiary and bunny from last year. Mid 30's this year, too cold for this.

We even had a few tulips in the garden last year.

The greenhouse was greening. It is this year with heaters.

I was baking

Dressing the table, eventually.

Mr. Bunny visited

And Mrs.

Peeps were stored and waiting

Daffy's laughed.

more bunnies


Which came first ?

My weak attempt at Spring this year, so far.

I have planned food. Carrots are a must.

We're scrubbing the back porch, when it isn't 40 degrees.

Will I get to use these great Spring tablecloths?

"When are you going to get your 'jellybeans' together, M'am?"

Just waiting for elusive Spring for inspiration,

Even my Spring wreath has blown off the door, twice.

Now it's here, on my Spring pansy buffet


Hoping it is Spring in your neck of the woods!

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