Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Doll Storage and Workspaces

Hi All, thought I would share my craft room.         Ad-Free Blog

This is last year when we finished the craft room(Barbie Room). I had been banished from the kitchen table when the dolls outgrew the extra bedroom. So we took my old clay shop and gutted it and set up this workspace. 

For this series I straightened, but did not clean my workspaces as whenever I get the chance I have something in the works.

We chose LED lighting in here which is fabulous and photographs very well. 
I seldom have to tweak photos---color wise. The mini bins--are wonderful for tiny stuff---and they all have something sorted in them. 
The rotating tier tray (Michaels craft storage brand)---I'm not crazy about. It holds, glues, glitter, and a few odd bits. It is already crooked and I haven't even used it that much and it barely spins. 

 I have two work tables, this is the left one---for glue, paste, and painting small stuff. My girl dolls are all stacked on the shelf above--I plan on having something more dust-free and organized for them eventually.

The (extras) girls for my stories have been unceremoniously dumped here. They are handy, but this really is substandard living conditions, said one or two of them.

The walls above this table are packed, with tools, and project needs. Quite a bit of this will go into another room, when that is cleaned out. I use buckets and totes to sort tools and painting supplies.

This is the right workspace, which also serves as the space to set up extra room/exterior shots. I shot Joe and Vickie's entire vacation here, the schoolroom, the black history stories, and Vickie's exterior shots from here. 

The wall buckets hold glue guns/sticks, doll stands, power tools 
and whatever I'm working on at the moment.
I have to glue up some 'reinforcements' on the stained glass hotel window---one of these days.

Above on the right, the guys are basically happy here, long as I throw them a pizza now and then.

Above the boys are labeled bins with sports, kiddies, music, beauty&doctor stuff--
a photo booth, and odds and ends, plus black food bins of guys shoes.
 This wall isn't permanent as we still have to put the water in the sink.

Under the work tables are sorted storage, and some seasonal. Fall and Christmas are under here, and tool box and hardware pieces. Most are categorized...from chairs, to kitchen, to bedrooms.

Along the next wall is the table with the backyard, and HFIM house and 
the townhouse condo for the girls. 
Below are two mini apartments --one for the guys, and one for Richelle and Ryan. The rest is storage 
for clothes and accessories. These are sorted and labeled. 

Under the girl's townhouse---are picnic baskets, and items sorted for the hotel- the bin on the right is items I may use for the hotel and the apartments. 
To the far right is a large stash of foam core and back drops.

Here you can see the labels---not too sophisticated. The Grand reads now---so she knows exactly where everything is for playing.

The grand girl has access to everything, except the two bins on the lower right here, they hold valuable vintage, barbie no.3 and the accessories for her. Everything else is designed for play!

I don't leave a ton of clothes in the doll houses anymore---because the girls are too messy. Here you can see lots needs to be put away. The divided colored boxes are excellent for shoes. 

Shoes still need to be put away from the weekend.

Laundry room, and the drawers hold undies, tights, and swim suits. Closet has one extra outfit for each of the girls. And of course the laundry is always running.

The boys have very little stored in their rooms.

The two walls next to the door are filled with miscellaneous. The clear bin with the green is all garden related. Body swappers are in the tote marked girls, the other divider box is filled with picture frames and mirrors. 

Here are structures to be used in temporary tub, racks for Vickie's,  hot-dog stand---grocery carts, counters and minis.

This wall is under used---temporarily holding odds and ends, and totes. I originally bought the totes for the graphics to frame?

The sink, back center is housing my wood stash at the moment and a garage bag. 

A greenhouse is next on the agenda along with the hotel. Waiting for warm temperatures for spray painting.

Vickie's Vintage is actually a storage facility---all the little stuff is accessible and clothes for the Grand to play with---she loves having the dolls shop!

When not been used, Vickie's is covered and supports all my portable walls. The heat vent is right above and this cover keeps everything clean.

Currently the Grand Hotel is waiting for paint inside and out, soon when the weather cooperates.

Welcome to my semi-organized least I can find most things!