Thursday, March 16, 2017

Junkin' Finds-early March 2017

Well, everyone's purging, and that is a GREEN and Good thing if you are searching for OLD or NEW.

First I snagged this gorgeous 'Country Living' label Quilt for a mere $12.99 at a local thrift store. The large top is perfect with a few faint spots on the back. It is pieced and machine quilted.

The colors are perfect for the back porch, but the greens actually match the living room. So I'm sure I will use this in multiple ways---except for eating on.
I love the fabrics---very vintage looking cottons and very nicely done.

I love the puckering from the quilting and the star point edges. 
I'm not a ruffles girl, so this was right up my alley.

Another pretty tea cup---marked Elizabethan Staffordshire.

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Clearly Britain can't produce too many tea cups. From the wear on this I think it isn't particularly old, but is in perfect condition. Stoke on Trent factories, produced and still produce much of Britain's wares. Taylor and Kent used this name up until 1982, their Florence factory was sold and then wares produced under 'Elizabethan' name, and then I get a dead end.

This appears to be newer than that, but only $.99 for the set, so a deal. Lots of stuff around with this or a similar mark. I will guess almost 30 years worth, figure after 1985, this shape later, even.
The term bone china comes from a required percentage of animal bones ground for their calcium in the production of the clay. 
So, just another pretty teacup from Staffordshire England---
the Mother-ship for all stray teacups.

After Christmas purging? This was adorable a classic small Racer not a scratch on it, or a bend in its runners, abandoned at GoodWill, for 2.99 going for $9-24.95 on eBay.
I think it may have been issued for an anniversary.  Too cute.

It really is cute. I can see a REDO wreath wearing this for winter.

After Valentine's purge---three tins/box for heart REDO projects next year $1.25 total.

Two, washed once, hand towels in a vibrant red print. With the new all white kitchen, 
I'm sure these will be great for summer entertaining. $1.50 for 2. 
I think they match 12 bandanas in a similar print I found on sale.

I'm dealing with my Gramma's OLD costume jewelry. She had such gorgeous stuff. I will be listing these bracelets earrings and a few necklaces in my ETSY shop. 
I'm sure someone who is a collector will snag those gorgeous amber earrings and a matching necklace. The quality swarkovski and pearl expandable, never go out of 
style and the old ones don't pinch like the imported stuff on the market now.

I did snatch this gravy boat tray, in silver-plate. This is a heavy piece, with nice lines and details.

Perfect desk, bathroom, or vanity tray--not too big. Simple REDO.

It's in pretty good condition, I may give it a light polish and buff.

More of Gramma's stash---I'm keeping the white beads, they are a rope, very long with a catch,
 so versatile. I remember my mom and gramma swapping these back and forth.

I still haven't totally cornered the picnic basket market yet. (I think I have 10 or more.) Honestly they are so useful and I go for the ones with flat tops for stacking.
 This a more recent style, probably from country style in the 1990's.

Clean as a whistle inside and out---this one will go to the craft room, or under the Barbie House.
Why are English graphics so lovely compared to 
American, cough-(Made in China, ha!) tin/metal pieces?
I snagged this tray for $5.99 and would have paid more. 
 I love the paint-like print and it's huge.
 I'm sure it will eventually end up on the porch wall. 
Right now it is on my buffet adding a Spring vibe to my nonexistent spring.

Pansies were my great grandmother's favorites and I confess one of mine also.
Unlike many floral pieces the flowers are all from the same season.

The tray has wear, and is only from 1993---made by Ian Logan-painting by Lucy Neil. I think I will search for a few more pieces of this---I hope they made several different shapes.

Now isn't that perfect for spring, speckled eggs----!

Almost forgot this OLD Japanese Moriage cup and saucer---probably from the late 1950's-early 60's. Marked Made in Japan. And the little doily for $.25- this one is really OLD, you can feel the rayon mixed with linen thread.

More delicate than some Moriage pieces which can be gaudy with heavy blue and gold. A steal at $.99 and no chips, dings, or cracks.

This is just the right amount for me---blue enough to work with my blue and white, 
and spring enough for a seasonal tea setting. 
Happy blogger glares at 10" of drippy snow outside. 
It melts only to succeed in making icicles.

Not bad for the first weeks of March. Grins! Grand total about $30.00 for all my goodies. 

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Chicagoland Spring

What should be a simple post, became a long story. 

We have had a mild winter, by Chicagoland standards. 
No measurable snow---since December 17th, 
which was just enough to sort of be a whitish Christmas.

After dust begins collecting on the seed catalogs that arrive--
promptly after New Years. Some earlier this year...sheesh!

In our house, Spring begins the first week in February. 
Hubby drags out the seeds and trays and sets up a mini-green house
 in the kitchen for starting tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli.
GREEN: We reuse containers and trays, and finally invested in large baker's trays for the greenhouses.

After 5 weeks, this is how the plants looked yesterday in the mini-green house in the kitchen.  
We do use pellets, make sure to squish and loosen them before planting otherwise they are too stiff to allow roots to grow.

SPRING usually starts when we move the seedlings into bigger containers 
out on the larger front porch greenhouse. 
We use this for convenience, usually with a heater. 

The greenhouse is on the south side of the house and 
sheltered from north winds and has full sun all day. 
Long shadows, keep the backyard greenhouse cooler until mid to late April.

On the kitchen island hubby plants tomato seedlings into bigger containers.

Broccoli, ready for transplanting, when they droop---it is definitely time.

Drooping tomatoes---so ready for big containers

So....when we had those 60 degree days, we got all enthusiastic, I hung my egg/wreath on the front door and we put up that medium greenhouse the first week in March. Sigh....

And we were ready and waiting. 

Today, one more day of transplanting more tomatoes and peppers.

Lots of peppers ready to grow into plants. I will start marigold, zinnias and other perennials in pots/trays directly into the porch greenhouse as soon as it is warm enough.

So far here is the set-up. I'm sure we may add more shelves, later.

After one night of transplanting, see how they perked up in the mini-greenhouse.

Peeking at all those southern Spring posts had me itching to do a springy one.  
But deep-down, we, Midwesterners and Northeastern Americans SHOULD know better.

Since, Spring is a state of mind Chicagoland, fleeting at most---WINDY---(+60mph) last Wednesday. 
And, the above SPRING  egg wreath took flight twice and is now in the house.

This morning....along with the half the country, 
no bunnies, daffodils, or budding branches here...

At 7AM out the bedroom window.

Like most of the upper states---we HAVE SNOW!

Not too much so far, but we have Lake-Effect snow expected tonight (4-6")---so the medium greenhouse stands, shivering and plant-less. 

This really isn't much compared to what the east coast will get.

I tried to look at the green side of life---from my ivy planter.

 But each ivy leaf strains to grab Spring. Sigh...

No Spring here either.

The Dragonflies try to stay in flight, the right one is spinning---must have been the windstorm lat week.

Our backyard from the back porch. Oh, I so miss the view from the back porch. 

Alas, the porch is still packed up for winter! And, 22 degrees isn't particularly comfortable.

But a sure sign of Spring, despite the weather.

SHhhhhhh, birdies are nesting. 

Not sure if it's the Junco family or the English Sparrows that were there last year. 
The turf war has been extensive over who has ownership---
there is a new nest inside--details to follow.
Welcome to my Spring
 Chicagoland Style.

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