Saturday, May 14, 2016

Whole House Remodel #2

 I haven't posted for a couple of weeks, here is what has been going on. Blame this ugly post---on all your Spring---gorgeous ones!

 Gorgeous---buffet...with entire contents of the curved Victorian Oak cabinet on it!

 Our lovely porch---perfect for cozy family gatherings. Don't you want to sit down and have some tead?

 Can't wait to serve tea on the tea cart---over there somewhere! One thing about a remodel---you find goodies(crap) you forgot you had.

NOTICE MY FLORAL ARRANGEMENT---LOL. The vibrunum has tried to bloom in the middle of all our rain and cold.

I do need to do wash-over to the right,--sometime, SOON! That's our coffee table on top of the dining table---a new expression of interior design...wonder if it will catch on?

NEW Subfloor going over the old crappy---not thick enough--it was CDX 1/2" plywood, really icky stuff! And new subfloor is glued and screwed, boxes and boxes of screws and multi gallons of glue.

Most of the old nails were sticking through the air in the basement, no where near any studs. Kinda like visiting the fun house-when walking on it!

Each room had to be done in shifts. These pics were taken all yesterday---last of the subfloor went in last night. 

And we DO LOVE OUR NEW Vinyl Plank FLOORING! Can't wait until it's done.  Our kitchen eating area will be done but not where the cabinets are, as we will be replacing those later this year. For now, I will hopefully put my house back together tomorrow.

NOTE: All our friends who have had hardwood in their kitchens have hated it and have had to have refinishes done in less than 10 years. At our age, we went for the vinyl plank---because we won't be selling---it will be inheirited--and the easy care and somewhat easy switchout if their is damage. We've had the same product in our basement family room for two years and it really can take abuse.

And I still haven't planted anything pretty outside---we have frost warning out for last night and tonight....grrrrrr! Thank goodness for a greenhouse with a heater. Soon we will have Spring, soon.

Thanks always for visiting, I will answer any questions or comments.

I will try and post this, lol, if they refuse...sorry to these fine parties;