Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fall----my Favorite Time of Year

This is My Favorite Time of Year!

Here are a few of my old pictures, from older posts---since my camera is dead and I'm still trying to work out the new one!

Fall, the end of our GREEN garden produce. 
Next week we can all the tomatoes we stashed in the freezers.

Last of the garden-blooms. 

Trips to orchards and the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

We usually sojourn up north to Wisconsin. October is spectacular there.

Mixed hardwoods and deep woods welcome Fall, like nowhere else.

Illinois offers many Forest Preserves with stunning prairie and bogs in autumn.

I love the long walks when we get a chance to wander.

And there are always pumpkin farms. The rule---you have to be able to pick it up yourself!

I 'do'd it myself, Grandma!

My home is made for Fall, with grass and earth tones. My prized family Bornholm (Denmark) Pottery comes out!

What is prettier than old silver in Fall. 

The porch morphs to autumn

A mix of Faux and Real.

and the wonderful climax of Fall

Halloween and the Talk of the Town...Loving it ALL.

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