Saturday, November 13, 2021

Midwest Gardeing 2021: Wrapping Up the Gardening Year!

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We've had a few gorgeous days, perfect to get the gardens put to bed, 


empty the pots, fill up the compost pile, chop up leaves, gather seeds, disconnect the hoses, 

empty the ponds, 

and put the greenhouse to sleep!



PHEW! That was a lot to get done!

I had many stilted perennials started in pots, that were hiding in the shade on the backside of the house. I planted everything in this flower bed and covered it with leaves. (17 perennials) Hopefully in spring they can get a good start in new homes. 


We have burn restrictions here...better for the environment, but hopefully we will have one quick log fire to roast some brats on for supper. We still collect all the branches that continue to fall from the neighbors trees.

Truly, gardening really is never done

 until snow comes.

I had so many plans to redo flower beds this year...but with the HOT temps---I didn't want to risk stressing perennials under the extreme conditions. We will tackle those very early in Spring next year!!!


Fall is always my favorite time of year, and it seems so short this year. With the hot temps and drought here---everything was so totally delayed. Oddly--our ginkgo and sumacs are now turning red (mid-November) normally they are the first things to do red.

The Maples are late, the oaks are rich and golden, pretty much everything with small leaves has already dropped. It's just been a weird year. 


I Hope you have some great weather 

to clean up your yard.

Right now, blow-up Turkeys grace our front flower bed. Soon a sled and some newly repaired reindeer will scatter across the front, repair and refresh post coming up!


We got all the potato vine, 4 Mandevilla, Ivy tree and Hibiscus plants in as and the large squash we had in the garage.


The new windows won't give as much light as the full length windows. But, with higher heating costs, I'm sure we will save a bunch without that extra exposure from those leaky old windows. 

We will now have snow and seasonal weather forecasted at the end of this week, and so it goes. 


We usually like to try and put some holiday lights up, (not on) in November, but all the bushes are still green, making that hard. We will see what we can get done. Two nice days are forecasted this coming week, maybe then.

How have you wrapped up YOUR GARDEN???

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