Friday, September 22, 2023

Fabulous Old Photos and Memories #5: Unexpected Places


Just one of the hardest things about growing old is the passage of time. Not on a scooter anymore, time zooms by at the speed of a jet plane, maybe a supersonic fighter jet. It's really crazy how fast a week goes.

I'm doing these photo posts...scientifically-chortle by going to my everything folder and saying Eenie, Meenie,  Minie, MO, and opening a folder. I gaze down the stacks of files and clips and randomly choose one. 

So, unexpected places and unexpected memories.


Just over six years ago, I attended my 50th class reunion.
YES, I'm that old and that's why Time is Supersonic. 

Part of the three-day event was a great tour of my old High School. No longer the sterile, dark, drab green and gray ground stone floors anymore, the school was fresh and bright with wall murals and memorabilia everywhere. Imbedded in the colorless floor was a huge school emblem and elsewhere another uplifting message. 

While touring I looked up....memories flooding around my feet and brain with every step. 
There was my dad....class of January 1941 in a blow up of his yearbook page!

 He was captain of the football team, played basketball and baseball, actually had a scholarship to a State University, but enlisted instead. Our manufacturing city was still suffering the throes of the Depression, and jobs were hard to find, and his family of six couldn't even help with subsidizing a scholarship.

So, he enlisted, 11 months almost to the day of the start of WWII.



I have many great photos of my dad, so please excuse this blow-up from the picture above.

He served 5 years in WWII in the army as a Technical Medical Sargent in the Pacific.

 He taught me to throw a football, run a wood lathe and a bandsaw, how to swim, how to always be a 'lady', how to drive a riding lawnmower, a boat, hook up down-riggers on Lake Michigan, and most important to never quit anything. 

He doted on my boys...fished and hunted with my husband, and took care of Mom when she was ill, difficult and bedridden. 

That trip to my high school conjured up all kinds of memories, but the strongest was the pride I had for my father up there on the wall

Captain of the Football team 
and of my Heart!

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