Monday, January 25, 2016

Plans and Teensy Bathroom Cottage Style-BEFORE!

Silver Pennies Sundays

While Chicagoland did not get hit by the last storm, we are still hampered by snow and residual ice.  Like many---I have taken January off from blogging to work on REDO projects, clean, recycle, donate, and plan...basically spinning my wheels with not much to show for it.

Our DIY plans for this year are for NEW floors in two bedrooms---NEW wall treatments,  basically exchanging bedroom sets, and freshening my teensy bathroom. In Spring we will move on to the kitchen REDO when warm weather hits and we can live/eat/cook on the porch.

So, by posting my before pictures---LOL, maybe I will get started on my COTTAGE STYLE bathroom. This is probably the most personal of my spaces in the house.

My inspiration, which will stay after the REDO---is my shower curtain---I also used two more for the windows in the bedroom. These were from Walmart a few years ago---and were out of stock instantly. I love the ribbon work, for NEW curtains--they have a vintage vibe.

My style here is definitely cottage--also known as begged, borrowed, gifted and thrifted.


This room is so tiny---actually a walk-in closet we made into a REDO bathroom about twenty years ago. Sharing a bathroom with three men was less than ideal. Then, I was blessed to have this one to myself. I'm literally standing in the tub to take this picture.

It has been redone once. A near-miss-tornado lifted the roof shingles and we had water damage in the walls, so we replaced much of the drywall and the window.


We had a custom counter made for the tiny sink and over the commode. I have never painted the trim or the window yet. We still have one window to REDO in this house and then all will be replaced. It's nice not to hear the traffic a hundred feet away because they are triple-paned insulated glass...a definitely GREEN thing to do, here in Chicagoland.