Thursday, December 12, 2019

Family Cookie Day 2019

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This was 2019...and what I miss the most this year!

Originally Posted on Dec.12, 2018...but we are having cookie day on the 14th this year!

Quick Post---You know you are having fun when no one takes their phone out and takes photos.

I had to do these the day after, so this is only about 1/2 the cookies. Last Saturday, I set up our huge kitchen table with 3 leaves and 9 chairs...(we were 12 cookie baker/decorators) this year. The guys handled the rolling out and baking with help from or kid crew.


The table was set with two big carousels of gathered/donated decorations/sprinkles/icing and some bowls for distributing, paper plates for decorating on. Paper toweling is a must---!

I make up a batch of icing in white, blue, yellow, red, green that gets hard for spreading, and then we use the commercial cookie icings for outlining, which honestly were fabulous and easy for little hands to work with.


We used a (12 cup flour batch) of sugar cookie dough and (6 cup flour) gingerbread batch(those you bake really thin.) The sugar cookie recipe is from my husband's grandmother, the gingerbread is from an old Scandinavian cookbook. This makes more than enough cookies for five families.


Everyone had their own style in decorating---some love lots of frosting and sugar, 


others, just do outlines---the biggest hit were random eyeballs on everything...LOL. Orange was a new addition for snowman noses, but became foxes, mushrooms, duck, chicken, and bird feet.


The cookies have to set up for a couple of hours before they can be packed away.


New cookie cutters this year were a Unicorn which was very popular with the kid set,
and a 3 pc train---which no one could figure out what they were.---! 
RECIPE: Very Old (5 generations) and excellent.

THE most important part, gathering our family and friends together for FUN and MEMORIES even though no photos.

How are your memories coming for these holidays?

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