Saturday, May 6, 2023

My Etsy Shop is Finally Open AGAIN!

 This is NEWS AND AN AD! For my Etsy Shop---IT's Finally OPEN again!

The HUGE jumble in our remodeling is becoming un-jumbled and we finally have a break through!

I finally have my Etsy store open and I have added some dolls and mini's and lots of plates to it as well as other vintage and handmade items for you and your home.

Take a peek and see what we have listed---I'll be adding all the time now---it is a priority in the trimming down of the mountains of stuff I have! Just a few of the new items I've added.  I'm tonight listing miniature florals for you to purchase. 

Who doesn't love Betty Boop!

Some Fun Vintage Barbies!

Classy Doll stands!

A Variety of dolls all clean and freshly dressed!

Isn't she gorgeous and rebodied on a Model Muse body


Vintage Hudson, My Scene Mattel

Vintage Aaron Carter (RIP)

I have OODLES of Vintage and Antique plates listed!

Every color and every style.

Muffy to AG to Barbie to 1/12 dollhouse furniture, Barbie furniture, Jewelry for yourself or gifts, and lots of vintage goodies and antiques!

I have over 163 items listed as of 7pm tonight...more on the way! Great things for gifts and home decor! This has been a monumental feat to get this straightened out and have everything inspected, sorted and re-cataloged. 

And YOU DEAR READERS get a 15% discount 
by applying this Code:


So visit BarberryLane on Etsy

 HERE link.
This offer won't last forever! 

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