Friday, July 12, 2019

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day 12 Blooming things

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Hello, followers and new visitors. 

Hope some of you are visiting from WWCMonth. 
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I can't imagine how many paintings are posted in a day---
it must be many thousands, and finding someone's work is hard!

I hope you aren't getting bored with this journey. This has been heaven-sent for me, since moping around the house because I'm limited in what I can do right now. Surgery for my knee won't be until October-November. I have some relief from a cortisone shot, but the knee itself isn't I spend more time being careful than doing ANYTHING!

Anyways, painting has been MIND therapy. 
If you are having any kind of stress/personal issues, find something you love to do---and DO IT, for yourself.

Theme, Blooming Things....I trundled outside and took a few photos as our remaining HollyHock went into full bloom yesterday. 
We've lost the red and pink ones..and all that remains is white. My D-in-law transplated some starts we had from the greenhouse, for me so hopefull next year we will have NEW colors. Hollyhocks are bi-ennials, so they bloom on the second year. So you really need to seed, or plant twice, to have blooming each year!


Here's my computer setup---with my painting started. The white areas were masked, and the yellow areas are where the masking still needs to be peeled off. 

I'm using Water color paper 10 1/2" x 14 1/2"
Imperial 140# Rough surface 140-1

The WinsorNewton Masking  peeled off very easily on this paper. 


Here's one of three photos I worked from. If you have followed my blog, you know Chicagoland had a long, wet Spring, and everything is covered with a slick of mold/mildew or even moss. I actually hoed-yes sat down and hoed off a section of deck 
from 1/2" high moss! 
Crazy---we have never had mold/moss this bad before. 

When the weather is totally dry---
we will tackle all those areas, maybe not until Fall,
 because we have so much planted along this fence.
We also have a crop of bugs---chewing on everything--I chose not to paint the holes in the leaves, LOL (artistic license) 


A closer view of the half masked paper. I did do some quick pencil lines---and did heavy washes FIRST on the fencing. I didn't know how much this paper would buckle so I wanted my straight lines--straight! I had to work quickly though, because it's very absorbent paper and it buckled quite a bit.


Here all the masking has been removed and the darker shadows and a base for the fence is established. The wrought iron bed was just catching the I wanted to keep it lighter.


I worked on all the backgrounds and leaves first and then started on the  Blooming Flowers. 

Holly hocks are so gorgeous, these have a five-pointed green star
 in the center and then feathering out into pink/rose. 
Temptation to work the flowers over to death tempted me, 
but I walked away. 
Cerulean Blue
Prussian Blue
Thalo Purple (which I used to mix shadows)
VanDyke Brown
Burnt Sienna
Lemon Yellow 
Lemon Green
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Hookers Green
Carmine red
I added: Sap Green
and Viridian green

AGAIN, I Hope some of you are visiting from WWCMonth. 
Please leave your site/or FB page so I can see your work. I can't imagine how many paintings are posted in a day---it must be thousands, and finding someone is hard and I would love to follow 
your hard work!

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  1. Another great painting!Awesome!I think you have had lots of fun!Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Yes, it was fun, thanks, Maristella! And I'm caught up, YAY!

  3. Another beautiful painting, Sandi! I love hollyhocks but unfortunately I can't grow them in my yard for lack of a sunny spot against a fence or trellis. I didn't know they were biennuals.

    1. These get a half day of sun...if that helps. I have seen them on the north side of a garage? Yes, they are need to seed two years in a row. I crunch the seed pods late in Fall all over and some take hold.


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