Saturday, July 13, 2019

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day 13 Glassy Blue Ball Jars

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Quick Post!  We were having company today, so I dashed this off in the middle of the afternoon...the photo was pretty late and the light had changed drastically. I started with a sketchbook paper taped down and worked basically wet brush on dry paper.


I use these antique canning jars for staples storage, I grabbed three filled with: beans, parsley and rigatoni noodles.

I worked very quickly---which was good, because after 2pm the light changes very quickly.
I did a quick sketch with Prussian blue/VanDyke Brown to give the grays and blue outlines of the jars and lines. The blues vary on the jars, the smallest one being the most intense in color.


Next I painted the Ball indentations on the jars, the middle one is very faint but it is is there. Adding the beans, parsley,  and macaroni. Very faint, then washes of blue and blue gray on top. Burnt Sienna was perfect for the rubber rings. The old-fashioned Zinc caps have interesting shadows on them...added a bit of washes and call it quits, my company was coming. I took the photos before the paper had even dried. 

Palette: (very limited in colors)

Prussian Blue
VanDyke Brown
Burnt Sienna
Lemon Yellow
Hookers Green
Carmine (for the beans) 

This was fun and quick, I had agonized over painting glass, but I guess charging ahead works, okay!
HOPE you had a Great Saturday!

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