Sunday, July 21, 2019

#WorldWatercolorMonth Day 17 Music

It's no secret that I have been painting this month,...or that I collect antiques and vintage. Some antiques, I don't even display, have sold, or passed on to others. This painting is a culmination of things I have owned, still have, or Mom had. The Painting Theme today is "Music", and I thought of the Edison Phonograph with the Morning Glory horn that I have packed away with some 60 wax cylinders. It's huge, but then it took place of all kinds of things we now use for entertainment, in the late 1890's.

Paper 10 1/2" by 14 1/2"

In 1971, we bought a huge Victorian stone monstrosity in Northern Wisconsin that had been made into three apartments. We lived on the second floor and rented out the other two. It had a carriage house, which we cleaned out and I made into a studio on the second floor. I gave clay throwing classes. In 1976 for many reasons,---I drew a line from Madison, Wisconsin to Sheboygan and said, "We have to go South of this, back to sanity and civilization." 

With my hubby, kids, and Victorian antiques and we moved to the NW Chicago suburbs. It was a great move, my children grew up in great schools, with multi-racial families, and my husband had 5 fabulous jobs, each better than the last. I threw thousands of pots and did art shows, galleries and taught classes, worked retail, had a vintage/antque/crafts store...and a few other things.

The table above we had in every house we've owned or rented. It was in horrible shape, and we repaired it and I painted it moss green and antiqued it, I sold it in the shop. The matelasse cloth, Mom had, as did the framed mirror, which I sold when we left up north. The blue/white vase is one that Mom sold at an antique show, it had a nasty chip/crack, but was very old English pottery. 
The green walls are the color we currently have, which sets off Pecan colored woodwork, so well.

Again, I got so involved in the sketch and painting, I forgot to take photos---as I went along.

Paper today is Strathmore Gemini Mould Made 140# Cold Press 594-6
(I loved this paper--absorbent, didn't bleed, I could wick up extra color, didn't stretch or buckle) 
It's pretty pricey by the large sheet though, ugh!

Here are the 3 brushes I used.
Top" 16 round Artist Loft Necessities tm (talon -love this brush holds water and keeps the point) (probably bought in a set---very reasonable)
Middle: 5/8 flat Plaid Enterprise (nice taklon holds water, springy, and holds the edge and bounces back) again probably from a set-Acrylic/water color again, very reasonable
Bottom: 6 round  again a Plaid brush probably from a set. 
The foam brush is there for reference- it's a 1" brush.

All three of these maybe originally designed for craft painting or watercolor. In buying brushes, I usually go by feel, look, wetting them, and price. I don't think the most expensive brush is necessarily  the best, but do buy the best quality you can afford. Sets are a great way to find out what type of brushes you like to use.


Burnt Sienna
Van Dyke Brown
Lamp Black
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Lemon Yellow
Yellow Ochre(new color I added to Palette).
Hookers Green
Yellow Green
Cerulean Blue 
Prussian Blue
Cobalt Blue

Disclaimer: Any products I am using are not a recommendation, but only for reference for the reader's use. I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies or products, or have I received compensation or products. 

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  1. Oh, Sandi, the painting is just beautiful and how lucky you have the real thing. I always wanted one of those victrola horns but never got one. See, if I could paint, I could have anything I wanted! Thanks for your visit. The road trip was fun and the nectarine pie was good, but not as creamy textured or as sweet as the peach one WILL be..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks for visiting Judy--I always baked peach pies for the ice cream social we ran to raise money for Job's Daughters when I was in my teens, and I left the skins on...I would love to try nectarines!

  2. Another absolutely beautiful painting! How wonderful that you can hold those memories with the stroke of a brush.

    1. Ah, Marie, not just the memories, but your feelings about them. Photos don't always, catch that, sometimes they do. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Great!I think that painting is the most beautiful you have done!

    1. Thank you, Maristella, I'm glad you like this--!

  4. Really nice, I love the way you did the cloth!

    1. Thanks Jenna, the original had rust and red threads in it to---one of those satiny triple weave things, interesting on both sides. But the fringe hung like blond silky. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Hi Sandi, LOVE your art and that wonderful piece, full of nostalgia and your history. I would have loved to see your stone monstrosity! Can't imagine those rough winters!

    1. Thanks Debra, I appreciate your comment an visit, hugs, sandi

  6. Thanks for sharing your lovely watercolors at Vintage Charm!

  7. Wow, your Watercolor expertise is impressive my Friend!

    1. Thanks, Dawn--I enjoyed working on this...the phonograph brings lots of memories. I still need to find a buyer for it, but I think I will put it out for Christmas and let everyone enjoy it. Hugs, appreciate you stopping in.


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