Sunday, February 12, 2017

Love is ALL Around

We don't decorate for every holiday, but Love is All Around our home, everyday.

Kisses abound in the kitchen.

Open Hearts serve...a dish perfect for treats here.

The back stairs, says it all,  "Home is where the heart is."

My only purchases for Valentine's day this year---two sets of measuring spoons from WorldMarket for my daughters-in-love, 6 vintage Jell-O molds from the 1950s or so for 50cents each at GoodWill, a Mrs.Fields vintage tin, I will fill with goodies for our Grand.

I will make crispy treats--in the molds with sprinkles---and everyone will feel the love.
Baking here is done with lots of butter, and lots of LOVE.

In the living room, the obvious LOVE all around is not always subtle. This statue a gift from my husband when he used to travel for work. The candlestick was a wedding gift from great-great-great-or more family hand-me-down, hallmarked back to the 1700's.

This card from my son. Nothing shows LOVE more than your children growing 
to be caring and thoughtful adults.

Another fixture of LOVE  in our home, the Jule Haerter from Denmark. 
Though it reflects Christmas, 
to me it means LOVE all year round. 
More family photos are in the living room, all precious to our hearts.

In the hall, a shelf with old toys welcomes all ages.

A treasured hand-stitched Raggedy shows off his heart and the sentiment, we are celebrating.

Hard to read, but none the less loving, I Love You!

Long story---my son loved frogs as a little boy, he's transferred that to me---by gifts over the last 30 some years. I have 'croaking LOVE all around me, several in the main bathroom. 
More than a dozen in the yard.

In the master bath is a framed Rilke quote about the lesson of LOVE, a gift from a friend. 
I read it every day at least once.

A plaque with hooks, hopefully saying the truth...I try.

The master bedroom is filled with old things. My great grandmother's LOVE of Pansies,

My mom and dad, and one of her treasured glass baskets.

This odd piece of German unmarked porcelain, a favorite of my mom's filled with feathers from a treasured family trip.

A sweet book, gift from a friend. A quote from inside says it all.
"I never knew how much like heaven this world could be, 
when two people LOVE and live for one another!" Little Women, Amy

Out on my dresser for the month is my heart jewelry and the mermaid piece from Hans Christian Anderson's, Little Mermaid. In the original tale, the mermaid sacrifices all for the Prince, who then marries another and she becomes foam on the sea.

Vintage pieces, a pewter Jule Heartier, acorns on porcelain set with pearls, a bakelite heart, an 80's contemporary heart, and beaded bracelet from the 90's.

A the cosmetic bag, a gift from my d-in-love and my mom's dresser mirror---a gift of LOVE from my dad.

Cupid on a brass lid to a crystal cut glass jar, circa 1880's.

An old Valentine, I LOVE to use to cover the black TV.

It's beginning to fade, but I think I will copy the design for a fabric drape over the television.

My husband's office has an old Grandfather's cup==and a plaque from the early 1970's about LOVE
I'm blessed with a real romantic for a husband...he will watch, "Sleepless in Seattle" and the original "An Affair to Remember," with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr with me an infinite number of times.

Our engagement dinner, 1967.

He made this collage for me way back when----all the photos are pre-1985. It hangs in his office. 
I always forget it is in here, and then wonder who all those girls are?

We will celebrate a 50-year marriage, next year---really, it's hard to believe.

Our extra bedroom, or Grand's room as it is beginning to be called is filled with antiques, toys, and books.  Here my grandmother watches over all in a photo from the 1990's.

This sweet little quote picture was from a friend. It's from the 1920-30's. Two words have faded at the top, You and I.  LOVE the sentiment and the stylized artwork. The background is metallic gold---seasoned and in the original frame.

The Grand has the Barbie houses in here, toys and her stash of  toy jewelry. Here is one of her creations of beads and "Tangled" Princess in a necklace. I do love how Disney Princesses have become more self-reliant, and not just something to be rescued and possessed. 
That has changed from my childhood.

Lurking on the shelves, drawers and closets are 
old Valentine's and "I Love You" cards from our lives of over fifty years together. 
Maybe even one or two belonging to a parent or grandparent. 

A sweet bank, my mom purchased with LOVE for an unborn grandchild.

So I don't decorate for Valentine's Day because...

Love is all around our home, everyday.

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  1. What a sweet post! I love your engagement picture and all your love touches! Have a very Happy Valentine's day.

    1. Thanks Lynn, when I started looking around the house, I was truly amazed at what I found. I forgot the vintage needlepoint I had bought for my husband as an anniversary present. It's of two swans...who of course mate for life.

      thanks for stopping and your sweet comment, Have a great Valentine's Day.

  2. Lovely and romantic post!I love your family photos!Thanks!


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