Monday, February 13, 2017

Junkin' Finds February 2017 or Tale of Two Teapots

Junkin' in February has been good, not in quantity, but in just GOODIES! I have been on the look out for tea pots, I have at least six coffeepots, and only just last year acquired one teapot. This is lovely, and easily holds 4 cups. The pattern is Manor Vista. The colors are rich, the pot has no chips or dings.

It does have some crazing---?

The mark is contemporary and the pattern was made for Montgomery Ward sometime after 1962. Style House (trademark) was a line of home furnishings made for them by various manufacturers. This teapot is clearly marked and Made in Japan. It's a pretty pot and blends nicely with other
vintage transferware patterns much older.

Johnson Bros, 12" platter (Johnson Brothers) in Devonshire Pattern - Brown Multi Color - a very popular pattern made between 1930 and 1970 in England. Very popular pattern, this has tiny fissure on edge, probably from manufacturing as it is sealed in the glaze. Love the rich colors, but this is crazed, but makes a gorgeous display piece. 

Another teapot---this time a silver-plate pot over copper. Really in great shape underneath the 'patina', I will have a hard time deciding whether to polish this or not. This is also a large 5-6 cup pot, totally functional an must have been lurking in the bottom of some dining storage cabinet. 

Nothing is loose, dinged or crooked. And it has 4 hallmarks on the bottom.

I tracked this down---and is an exact match. 

The teapot is silver over copper and if any of those companies--it is pre-1935-6.

Definitely worth the price I paid for it, the inside is still in great shape with no pitting.

The tray isn't in as good of shape...large 13" round and heavily embossed patter and trimmed in rope motif. Some rough spots, I paid a pittance, so it will may not get polished either. WmRogers, was a good piece in its time.

 This find is a Petit Point on Silk Netting purse---just hanging in a booth and on sale. Reduced 30% and then a store sale on top of that. Needless to say---there isn't too many of these pieces around. I found the purse fitting on a tapestry needlepoint purse, that was dated by the owner from the 1930's. I think this maybe a bit newer, was probably done from a kit of some sort.

I have captured the detail of the stitching and the shadows, show the netting. Honestly I couldn't even stand doing cross-stitch on big fabric. Love all the violets, clustered. The inside of the purse appears to be a fine, tight weave ribbed shantung. No marks or labels. 

As pristine and as beautiful this piece is, I think I will list it in my Etsy shop.
Even though violets are my February birth flower. 

This dressing table box from the 50-60's is satin, clean and a lovely green, which insists on showing gold.

I normally don't buy this sort of of statue, but she was such a sweet reminder
 that Spring is around the corner.

Create, Bake, Grow & Gather

I've been digging in my vintage jewelry stash. These are unmarked except for a stylized C on the ear clips. Honestly the quality of the plastics from the 1950's-60's is amazing compared to now. 
This necklace is iridescent milky pink beads with a set of earrings to match. They are graduated in size and on waxed cord. Everything is molded now and has mold marks and just isn't the same. 
You get the feeling human hands have never touched 
our new products.

Though, this isn't my style (would be great Rockabilly) and is destined for the shop. 

MY FIND OF THE YEAR.... I don't even care what this is....I love it. 15 3/4" Platter, Pale blue clay with a fabulous transfer reminiscent of Holland. The Windmill and surrounding buildings are very similar to the ones I visited in Denmark.

The little girls playing along the river/canal and tulips in the foreground. 

And it is marked as this, Tulip Time Made in England by 
Johnson Bros. This is a discontinued pattern and was made 1962-77. 
I really love it, and will keep it, price---at Replacements--109.95 

I paid--$7.50 minus 20% store sale!

Be still my Junkin' Heart!

Oh, I have 6 of those for 50 cents each!

Happy Hunting! 

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  1. Hi Sandi, love each photo of your finds, contrast, shadow, light as well as the thrifted pieces. Visual treat. I have only found Tulip Time once, great find!

  2. Thanks Joy---after a month of gray days, we are actually getting some light---makes taking pictures easier. Thanks a lot..yes, definitely keeping the Tulip platter! Sandi

  3. Great finds! The heart molds are my favorite. So cute!

  4. Such cute items. Loving seeing the Devonshire platter as I have quite a bit of that. Still hope to find a teapot one day! But not for $400 on! The purse was especially cute!

  5. I like it all but of course your Find of the Year is my favorite!

    1. NO, lol, you can't have it, inherit it maybe. Thanks Joanie, Sandi

  6. Nice finds. I especially like the little needlepoint purse.

    1. Yes, that is a bit of a treasure, thank you for stopping by, Sandi

  7. So many wonderful treasures! Especially love your manor vista teapot! Have a good evening!

    1. Yes, going to be hard to decide to keep it or not---pretty piece, thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  8. What great scores! I especially like the needlepoint purse.

    1. I kept squinting at the tag thinking it had to be 75.00 when it was marked 7.50 and then store sale off of that?? Crazy. thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  9. Sandi, what great finds! I've donated so many things to a local charity shop over the past year - maybe I "deserve" to go shopping there myself!

    1. Well supporting back is great, I'm supposed to drop off a box in order to walk in the doors. But once in awhile you get to hit a bunch in one day---but the donation before buying has helped here. Thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  10. I really like that first teapot, as it reminds me of my grandmother's "Heritage Hall" china that now resides in my china cabinet. I wouldn't complain if some day a teapot like the silver one were to jump into my shopping cart either.

    1. LOL, yes things do jump in the cart. Honestly the last three times i had been out in January I barely bought anything. Mostly some Barbie stuff for my Grand, but this week was my week, and everything 'jumped' in the cart, lol.
      Glad you enjoyed, thanks for stopping by, Sandi

      Oh, and there are several similar patterns of brown/blue/rose transfer ware with the castles/buildings. I could see collecting them all. And I think Johnson Bros. made them all, too.

  11. Great treasures,especially that purse.

  12. Wonderful finds! The little purse is quite special as is the Tulip Time platter. I love all dishes blue and white. Thank you for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!

  13. Lovely finds! Be careful with your china teapot ~ because of the crazing. I wouldn't actually put anything hot in it then drink it. It could give you lead poisoning. Love the sweet heart pans!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Barb :)

  14. Love all of your finds! Good eye, Sandi! Thank you for linking up with LTV and I'm giving you a feature this morning!


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