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DIY Barbie House:Moving IN with Vintage

Well this is it, Barbie and Ken's moving week. I have been gone from blogland for a couple days, finishing up the furnishings and getting the plumbers, electrical, and appliances all hooked up. Such a lot of coordination to be done, somethings are still not ready. THIS is a totally OLD< NEW < GREEN>REDO>!

Let's see how Barbie and Chrissy like the new digs. Just listen to where all the furnishings came from!


DIY Barbie House, almost all moved in.


Chrissy: I love the rug you got at HL, and this little Goodwill settee is so comfy. And this awesome chest of drawers made from an old jewelry box. Neat paint job, a real REDO on a $3.99 jewelry box from Savers.

Gee, Barbie, what else do we have to do? My feet are killing me.

Barbie: Thanks, Chrissy, and for helping me hang the pictures and setup the bedroom and bath. Well,
 I still have to move clothes in and finish the bedding. There's lots of sewing left here. Don't you just love the pearl $1 'B' from Joann's and that's where I got my $1 green mirror. They're so classy, though.


Chrissy: Sure is. What's the purple fabric for and are you going to do something with your Michael's headboard?

Barbie: The purple will be padded on the headboard and sewn for a bedskirt, and the pink and stripe will be cool sheets and comforter.

Don't you just love the lamps made from purple umbrella ornaments and wood candlesticks from Walmart and Michael's?

Chrissy: Sure do, can't wait to see the chandeliers you ordered. When are they coming? I love all your IKEA frames too---really an inexpensive, unbreakable for kid's artwork or photos.


Barbie: Chandeliers are coming on Sunday, and hopefully I will sew the bedding by then. There is room under this custom bed made by Grampa to hide most of my clothes. I have a closet in the bathroom, but it isn't big enough for everything.


Chrissy: Looking through this cool window---with the Barbie logo design. You are so lucky,  I bet your little girlperson will be so happy to see your new house on Christmas!

Barbie: Oh, I hope so, but we still have to decorate the livingroom tree, wrap presents, bake cookies, and I need to wash up and change clothes for the supper, tonight.


Chrissy: Let's go see what you have in the closet.  Wow, the bathroom is so big and bright, and I love the window---it matches the window in the bedroom. Love the tub and the tiled planter. Plants will look great in there.

Barbie: I have some hot pink in here, I had to have it somewhere, LOL. I have lots of storage.


Cabinets by the toilette, and I did find a box of small Christmas trees. The wood cabinets were on sale at Michael's for $1.00 each, I spray painted them and glued them together.

Chrissy: Love the cabinet, and bottle trees are so in now, they look great. Show me your closet.


Barbie: My closet is FAB! and was a DIY-- REDO of a Mattel Barbie Vending Machine that was broken. I found it at GoodWill for $1.99 full of all these shoes and purses! Now, it has great shelves for towels and stuff. Gramma even made me a clothes hamper and the vending machine part makes a great closet. (And the bathroom window and bedroom window were made from the plastic back---REALLY!)


Chrissy: I love the hamper and you have all this great storage for towels and sheets. Where's the TP?


Barbie: I sent Ken out for TP and bread for supper. Speaking of supper, I'm hungry, let's go downstairs and grab a snack.


Barbie: Good thing we came down...the cupcakes for dessert are ready to come out of the oven.

Chrissy: I love the kitchen, it's so cozy and the dropleaf on the table really works. You have everything you need right there. And so much storage in your cabinets and shelving.

Barbie: Grampa built the cabinets, but the shelf was $1.99 from Savers. It was too big, so he cut it.
I made a great batch of cupcakes, don't you think! My favorite thing is the dishwasher...Never had a DW in the apartment.


Chrissy: I love your shelves and the stove--- a custom-made stove is awesome. Your Grandpa is so handy!


Barbie: The Farmer cookbook and all the food stuffs were from goody bags at Savers, or from Gramma's craft stashes. The cute strainer was from Great Grandma, and was an ornament.

Bing! Two more trays of cupcakes, I'm getting hungry for supper! Help me whip up a salad to go with the spaghetti.


Chrissy: There's so much room in your fridge, wow look at the crisper drawer and the great bins of vegetables. Remember when we all sat down at the trial kitchen? Before it was done?


Midge: Your antique store table and chairs will work great for the kitchen Ken. Barbie looks like a chef at the counter, she is ready to bake already!


Barbie: You were so great to help me Chrissy, filling the kitchen with all my things. Gosh, we have worked hard today. You take the salad to the dining room and I will take the drinks. Oh, the mixer was so cool and an ornament, only $3.74. The faucet came in a goody bag at a garage sale along with other stuff, cheap---50 cents.


Chrissy: What a wonderful diningroom setting Barbie! I put the salad in the middle of the table. Where did you get it?

Barbie: Online, Silly! Only about $17.00 and all the dishes, silverware, and glasses came with. And a rosebud vase I moved upstairs.

Chrissy: Where did you get the cool lamp and buffet, can I have a piece of cheese from the platter there. Love the lamp!

Barbie: The lamp was a cool buy from the Dollar Store, and I got Ken one for the 'Man Cave' downstairs. Have some cheese and we have soda and water, I'm saving the 'sparkling juice' on the table for dinner. The buffet was 'barbie pink' and has one working drawer and was vintage from GoodWill, I think, only 99cents


Chrissy: Such a festive table, love the green and red, perfect for Christmas! And who doesn't love spaghetti?


And, Your chandelier will look perfect above the table, Barbie.

And I really think the shelf is so smashing, where's that from?

Barbie: Grampa cut the bottom off the Savers shelf in the kitchen...and it just makes a great book shelf. Can't wait until all my books and things arrive.


 Chrissy: There's so much still to do...the tables aren't done yet, I see.

Barbie: Just a little paint, and the coffeetable gets a new silver top. I know, and the upholsterer is behind...can't wait for the turquoise and printed big couch from GoodWill to get done...and I'm so over that pink couch from IKEA, it has a slip cover in pink too, but I'm getting it done in the stripes. Cool, huh?


Chrissy: All that extra soft foam will make it so comfy, I love the coordinating fabrics.

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I'm over that hot pink in every room too! Where's the Christmas tree going to go!

Barbie: Right where the white chair is, I hope it will fit, it's really tall. I think I hear Ken's car outside, let's go down and see.


Barbie: Where can Ken be, the car is in the garage? (The car is a remote control--(not working) pristine vintage Barbie Jeep from Goodwill for $4.99) It's pushable though and makes a great noise...and steers!


 Chrissy: Well he got all the tools hung up, such a neat garage...! And even room for the lawn furniture!


 Barbie: Great new garbage can on wheels, Ken must have brought that home?

Well this is the ManCave. See it even has its own Welcome to the ManCave, sign--an ornament from Walmart.  Gramma built the desk and the shelves came from GoodWill. The couch came from there too, and the brown chair is getting upholstered and came from IKEA so did the TV shelf. Go Cubs...well you know Ken...Go Chicago all the way. I got him a gorgeous, BEARS mirror for the wall by the desk--for Christmas, I'm going to wrap it and everything!


Chrissy: That's so COOL! I bet Ken has more sport's stuff...he's already been snacking down here, LOL. The chair looks familiar, does it match the one up stairs?

Barbie: Yes, it does, there is a table in the garage and a white one to use on the garage door patio!

Chrissy: Cool, maybe we can BBQ when the weather is nicer. Where's the bathroom?


Barbie: Right around the corner. The sink is salvaged from a Barbie bathkit from some bags she found at Savers? Gramma, redid it and the cabinet too, looks like she found some great knobs for Ken. The toilet was pink and new from Mattel at Walmart, but she gave it a wood tone. 

I love the tile made from scrapbookpaper and ModgePodge, both from Michael's. The shower was from the same bath kit as the sink, but Grampa made a new bottom from a margarine lid and of course we painted and painted and painted it, with enamel. He made a cool drain with a countersunk washer...who knew?

Chrissy: GEE, Barbie! This house is OLD< NEW< GREEN >REDO> from top to bottom. 


Barbie:  Sure is!  Even Ken's ManCave is cool. The perfect IKEA table to put up my feet and watch the tree lights blink on and off. I'm too tired to even watch TV.

Chrissy: If This couch is getting a new cover too, it could use a little stuffing or foam.

Barbie: I don't know...Ken takes too many naps now!

Barbie: Let's just turn on the TV and watch "It's a Wonderful Life!" to be continued: 

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