Friday, December 11, 2015

Vintage Christmas Kitchen Deux

Welkommen og Gladelig Jule, or Welcome and Merry Christmas from our small house. We live everyday with generations of family antiques and personal finds. 

Everything in this post is OLD NEW GREEN REDO,  and loved.

 One of the advantages of being old, is everything I own is vintage, LOL. The Cookie tin is a recent find from a thrift store and filled with pumpkin cookies. The coffee pot is Danish and my grandmother's it's a drip coffeepot with a little white cloth bag to hold the grounds.

Have a cup of coffee from my Wachtersbach cups...I have no idea--20years old maybe. I have some white ones that are from the 1970's. I loved the wine snowman---he just fit in here---late in the afternoon we can share a sip of wine.

Center of the table right now is the fish poacher filled with my jello and tart tins, with some vintage napkins I found a few weeks ago, in this post Vintage and Holiday Finds. 
Christmas pig is still fattening up on his trough of acorns. 
Will he or won't he find himself 'on' the Christmas table this year?
The tablecloths are all cotton and vintage--the blue faded topper is from Denmark from 1969-70.
 I use it every year as our everyday tablecloth during the holidays.

 Here is the dining room area from the counter side of the kitchen. The blue plates are Bing&Grondahol and Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates that are up all year long. 
My oldest is 1914 and inheirited from my great-grandparents.
I use holly and mini lights across the top of the room, 
and it pretty much stays up through the winter months.

 The corner hutch I snagged about 25 years ago at a thrift store, it had been in a fire...
but the the glass was intact. Hubby scrapped and sanded it down to bare and we painted it. Underneath is great storage for big platters and bowls.

My windows have vintage jello molds, and a spongecake springmold 
used as wreaths with a sprig of ivy in them.

 Peppermint striped ribbon is added to my normal blue and white for Christmas color. 
The television is Vintage too, lol.

The spinning wheel lamp was my grandmother's summer cottage.  I have Vintage Santas in a variety of materials: a pressed wool German Belsnikle, resin Santa's from around the world-from Carson Pirie Scott years ago. My small wool Danish elves (Tomte or Julenisse) are very small and mischevious and will show up in the strangest places closer to Christmas.
 Part of the magic of the season.

The bottom of the cabinet: these wonderful candlesticks handpainted by an artisan from the 80's and some porcelain Santa's from around the world, I have had forever.

A closeup of the other Santa candlestick  
shares the stage with the Laplander Santa and reindeer from Carson's. 
An old milk pail filled with handmade antique and vintage wooden spoons from the family. 
More bits of Ivy for green. The plate behind is the last plate
 I have from my first set of dishes, 1968, Johnson Bros...I forget the pattern name.

 My Cookie tin tree from this post, Vintage Christmas Kitchen  
and all the vintage baking goodies spread around.

Center of the kitchen dining room is the island with a small Christmas tree. 
The white chair is Ikea and a cutdown bar height chair used for the Grand at the dining table. Hopefully after the new year, all the cabinets, floor, ceiling will be replaced. 

The needlework hearts are traditional Danish after the paper heart pockets called, Julehjerter.
 Great tutorial here, Danish Woven Paper Hearts.
My great aunt, Gudren made these when in her 90's, along with the small baskets you see on the tree. 
The gingerbread guy is my hubby's with his Christmas-'Honey Do List'.

I used a spring-form cakepan for the base of the tree.
My three year old grandaughter chose the ornaments and where to place them. 
She put them on and I spun the tree around to get some sort of balance. 
I didn't change any, well maybe one or two...but, she is a born decorator. 

Cookies, hearts, mushrooms, red enamelware, and Scandinavian wooden ornaments
 or special ones made by crafters. Nothing is NEW on here now...everything is vintage at this point.

Cookie tin is from IKEA a few years back...
crock was a gift says, "Executive Grandma's snack jar for VIP grandchildren," 
which I love and gets plenty of use.

Covering the end of the island and the electrical works of the tree, 
is a cross-stitch Santa on heavy cotton probably a 12-count cloth. 
As another great-aunt in Denmark became older she worked larger because of her failing sight,
 and this was a treasure she sent to me in the 1980's. 
Tante Dagne would have been in her mid-90's then.

Granddaughter's white chair is covered with a child's (mine) 1950's Danish homespun apron. 
The colors and cloth just echo all the colors in our ktchen. 
so Tak!-Thank-you for stopping by, and don't forget to have a cookie or two, 
it's Christmas afterall!

All the opinions and photographs in this blog are my own or I am in possesion of the originals, 
I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions, posts or products used. 
Please do not use my photos without linking back to this blog without my permission. 
Thank you for your cooperation, Sandi Magle 
 As always I appreciate your comments and questions, 



  1. It is so cozy.
    I have a few things like you

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for stopping by...and I bet you love every one of them! Sandi

  3. I simply LOVE the blues and reds! It makes my heart sing! I have one chair which looks very similar to the ones you have at your table! I love that chair and have always hoped to find more but alas not so! Have a beautiful week, Lynn

  4. Hi Sandi--I just love your mix of blues and red; it's so cheerful and festive. I'm in deep love with both your coffee pot and fish poacher--awesome pieces. Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm!

  5. What an incredible collection of vintage pieces! It all looks so festive with your red and white peppermint ribbon!

  6. Hi Sandi, Love your collections and all the vintage pieces are incredible. You just know how to display all so perfectly. Your home is so inviting in blues and red for the holiday.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS sweet friend and many blessings in the new year! xo

    1. Thank you sweet one---it seems we may not get the tree up---so much going on---but I have the village up---pics to follow soon and one more Dollhouse post...and just snips---you have a wonderful Christmas...and I'm so glad we get to talk and see eachother's blessings!. Grins and Merry Christmas, Sandi

  7. Sandi,
    I am playing catch up today and i am so glad that I stopped by! LOVE your kitchen! i adore red in the Kitchen but this shade of blue is spectacular!! That corner cabinet is to die for and i LOVE that sweet little Tree and those precious ornaments!! So much eye candy!! Amazing!!



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