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DIY Roasting Tomatoes

DIY Roasting Tomatoes

The last three weeks have been warm and hot, with little rain after drowning most of June and July in the upper Midwest. Every other day, we have this amount of smaller tomatoes to eat. Impossible for two people. Normally I will fill bags of large tomatoes and throw them in the freezer for canning later. 
But with these small ones, I roast them, as the ripen. 

My grandmother's Father Tuck cookie jar stands guard, as the small tomatoes await their demise.

You can use parchment paper lined trays or foil. I reuse the foil several times because it seems like I'm doing this everyday. I put the foil in the refrigerator after use. Spray your lined empty trays with oil.
First, sort your tomatoes according to size. Wash thoroughly and slice tomatoes in half sideways, through the stem, this helps to reduce seeping of the juices through the stem. 
Place them close together, cut side up on the lined trays.  
Then, I spray them lightly again so they brown nicely. You can choose to season or not season, here. I find the fresh herbs char and lose some of their taste if roasted too long, 
but flavored salts and seasonings work great.

Place your larger tomatoes on the top shelf.

I use a 375 degree oven and set the timer for 30 min.
Depending on the size, they will begin to get some good caramelizing at this time. 
Reset the timer for every 15 minutes, to check on them. 
When they have shrunk to half their size and have a wrinkled appearance and are caramelized, 
they are done. Remove from oven and cool.

This tray of the smaller took approximately 45-60 minutes at 375 degrees. If you like charred tomatoes a few minutes under the broiler will do that. Cool completely. See what lovely color you get on the tomatoes.

Continue roasting the larger size tomatoes.

The larger tomatoes took 1 hour 15-30 minutes and then began to brown. This all depends on their sugar content. We grow twelve types of tomatoes, and they all will cook different. How long it takes also depends on the water content, ours were very firm and not watery at all this time.
Remove from the oven and cool.

After cooling, I bagged those I couldn't use in three days into 1 quart freezer bags and label. 

Roasted tomatoes in the store are expensive. These are so sweet and rich in flavor, 
and pre-done--they are a quick time saver. ts amazing that two trays of tomatoes only produce about 2 cups, but that is a lot of fresh flavor in a bag.
 Here are a few suggestions for using your roasted tomatoes.

Using Roasted Tomatoes

  • Add a few roasted tomatoes to boost flavor in your jars when canning tomatoes or sauces 
  • Quick roasted tomato bruschetta-just spread on toast with chopped onions, olive oil, garlic, basil and cilantro
  • Chop and add to store bought fresh salsa for a new kick
  • Add to canned or boxed pre-made tomato soup, garnish with fresh herbs--Wonderful!
  • Excellent on grilled fish or chicken
  • Use in wraps or as open-faced sandwich toppings
  • Make a Caprese panini with herbs, fresh mozarella, roasted tomatoes, olive oil and don't forget the olives. 
  • Add to pasta sauces, or to a simple oil and herb sauce.
  • Special treat, roasted tomato flatbread pizza--excellent with left-over chicken

Have a great weekend and roast all those bitty tomatoes, nummy!

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