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Elkhorn Antique Flea Market~~What a Day in Wisconsin!

Great Finds at HUGE Flea Market in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

This is the first time we had been to this ONE DAY show. Elkhorn's located in southeastern Wisconsin, just north of the popular summer destinations of Lake Geneva and Lake Delavan. Nestled at the western edge of the Kettle Morraine area in rolling hills is the lovely town of Elkhorn. This huge Antique Flea Market is held at the Walworth County Fairgrounds four times a year.

The picture below is only about one-fifth of the exhibitors. Oodles of Fair buildings held indoor exhibits, and really not any questionable exhibits anywhere. Quality was great, prices were great, food stands were everywhere, and even benches to take a rest. The Restrooms were clean and convenient. 

The Walworth County Fairgrounds were packed

We arrived around 9 AM, it opens at 7 AM 
and runs only until 3PM, for ONLY one day???
Very professionally run, excellent attendance, and I did art shows for over thirty years and know when something is well organized and staffed. 
NL Promotions runs this great show and another in Milwaukee area. 

Some great furniture among the never ending booths.

Check out this great cabinet, love the yellow, it was---SOLD. There was gorgeous 
furniture of every style, metal cabinets, light fixtures, oak, wicker and more.

Guys Stuff!

Great guys' stuff indoors and out, lots of original vintage signs.
 Heres a KOOLS sign with the penguin, certainly from the 50's -60's.

Primitives and Farm items, it is Wisconsin after all.

I have never seen so much reasonably priced enamelware, and BLUE Jars 
ready for GOING GREEN and be reused for something special.

 Antique Farmer in the Dairy Shed.

Jenny Pinnow from Antique Farmer was more than happy to chat about her business, and her great items. This was late in the day, and she said many items were gone. 
She does appraisals online and is located in the area of Delevan.

Another Booth 

Cute children's garden wheelbarrow


There was FUNKYstuff too, just look at this OLD weird chair with the 
sunken picture frame in the back,
 it looked original,…but now with the REDO the seat has a flower pot to match. 

The turquoise stools were awesome, too.

Glassware and pottery for any taste

This booth had nice color-coordinated displays of Jadeite, and OLD colored glass. 
The owner was too busy selling and wrapping to chat.

The great booth that led us to Elkhorn was Jeanine Burkhardt's, Chippy Shabby booth which despite her fab directions on her blog, had us wandering through the labyrinth of the unfamiliar layout of the fairgrounds.

This CocaCola sign was sold, about an hour after we saw it. Awesome color and in great condition.

Her booth was packed with customers, and it was hard to get pictures 
without someone jumping in front.
See her at her blog…here

That's her sign on the lower right.
She does great REDO's on vintage items.

I really love her look, she has primitives also! Her displays are always charming
 and make you want to buy the entire vignette.

I really wanted this chandelier, I hope it wasn't sold, so I can get it next time.
So want to REDO it into something NEW.

What we did get!
I got a gift, I can't show****, you know how that goes.

E made a haul!

I waited in the pick up area while E had to wander and try to find the three booths she had bought things from. The huge horses apparently attached themselves to her,
 as she was wheeling back.
The two rocking horses, sans their handles and spring holders, a REDO ready for crafting?
~ Garden horse anyone?~Mosaic horse anyone?~
~Planter?~ Carousel?~

This OLD, hand-carved, oak, 1910-20's reclining woman with a cheetah was probably
 an insert on a piece of furniture, and was only $8 -ready for a REDO and recycle.

The chalk ware Art Deco lady is missing her cigarette,
 but then smoking is bad for your health. 
She has a black marble base and was heavier then heck. 
Also in E's bag was a sweet embroidery, we both had our hands on.
Last, but not least, a 3' x 4' painting of St. Francis of Assisi from a convent.

Yes, E has an eclectic sensibility, but what fun to find so many unusual items.
Like I said, what a DAY the best kind of JUNKING! 
I'm saving my pennies for the September Show, 
and we will go fortified with coffee and with two carts, 
 room in our tummies for cream puffs, and a large map of the Fairgrounds,
 so we can actually find where we are.

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  1. Looks like a fun antique shopping adventure. And you got beautiful spoils. :-) I love antiquing too (even if I don't end up buying any) but It's harder now to recruit my driver (dear hubby) to take me... eek... hehehe... glad that you had fun :-)
    Maya from Roses and Tea Cups

  2. I was basically broke, but that didn't keep it from being fun! Thanks for stopping by, Maya. Nice to meet you!

  3. This looks awesome - never heard of it but its an easy drive from Chicago. Will have to keep my eyes open for this next year.

    1. Kim the next one is September 27th I believe, open at 7am! and then none until May!


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