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NEW CoffeePot Tweak

The 'DEAL' CoffeePot

One of the charming characteristics of my husband, since retirement, is to buy new sometimes useless doo-dads for the kitchen. Saying our kitchen needs a makeover is an understatement. We have been in this house since 1984 and we did the kitchen in 1987. The cupboards are original to the house from 1974 and have disintegrated in all ways: the finish, the drawers, the doors, and the layout are 
sad, Sad, SAD!. 

But, hubby got a deal. A full size, restaurant Bunn coffee maker for half-price. 
I found it, still in the box, in the bottom of his closet. 
I couldn't hang his shirts, it was taking so much room. I dragged it out into the sad kitchen. 
Whoops, minor problem, the Bunn didn't fit under any of the cupboards where the old coffeepot was, and ITS UGLY!

Where should it go? The cookbook shelves…hmmm?
I need to reduce the cookbooks---then, let's buy a new table,
 (cost more than a full price coffeepot), just for a place to put the cookbooks. 
Confession, the table was in the  master plan for the kitchen remodel, but still. 

Cookbooks Demise Where do all the cookbooks go?  Long time passing.

My collection of my mom's and my grandmother's and all their notes and my great-grandmother's on two sides in Danish, have to be gone through. Plus all the books my mom bought me, and those I have purchased since 1968. On the table was the excess. I have stashed one stack to sort through, while I incorporated another stack into the new cupboard, the rest go to GoodWill.

The 'Deal coffeepot' now occupies the cook book space. 

Also had to move all the paraphernalia for setting up the coffee station. 
Teas on top, coffees in the middle, 
filters in the enamel kettle, sugar, creamer, spooner, etc on the counter.
Gosh, it makes good coffee, but it is a big, black, ugly thing.

Maybe I can print a vintage label on magnet pages to decorate that thing,
…yea that's the ticket.

Vintage dishtowel 8'oclock Coffee 

Cute vintage towel from the 50's for an 8 o'clock coffee service covers the chopper blades case.
 I'm terrified to try and store the blades any other way, they are so sharp. 
Perhaps a vintage sticker on that black box, also.

Come on over and share a cup--the pot literally is always on

The New table with a fraction of my cookbooks installed

An empty shelf from the coffee stuff

Decisions, I moved the pantry staples in canning jars to the old coffee shelf on the bottom.

The middle shelf holds herbs and spices.
Most of these canning jars are from Wisconsin.

But where did those jars come from?

From, across the kitchen on the cooking side, leaving another big hole.
 The corner cupboard is a dead space, not a cupboard. 
I desperately need more cupboard space, for the big bowls and appliances. 
 In an attempt to clear the counter, I moved the blue jars, 
but I still had the items from where the Bunn machine moved to.
Golly, will it ever end?

Fruit basket or Blue Jar Upset!

All because hubby got a deal on a Bunn coffee machine.

It does make great coffee. 
And when the kitchen is remodeled we can design a cabinet for the cups and mugs.
 Oh yea, the cups are still eight feet away, but, you can't have everything. 
The cupboard above is too high to put mugs and cups, and below is the dishwasher.
 The one to the right is too skinny, we have those big red mugs.

Wonder what I'll have to move next? 

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