Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Go GREEN-REDO recycled Plastic lawn art

Yard Art-Green RECYCLE project.

Last Saturday, we did a dog event at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois. Lots of dogs and a huge beautiful park to walk in with the dogs. 

One of the best recycling ideas I have seen in awhile were these whimsical lawn decorations, measuring around two feet across decorating a pavilion.  Multiple plastic caps/lids were screwed 
onto painted exterior plywood shapes. 

Adorable Inch worm in red and blue

Each lid was screwed into the wood with a nice shiny screw, 
which added to the design and caught the sun. 

Tip-Toe through the Tulips 

This one was about 3 feet high and very rambunctious in color. Here you can see the multiple
layers of caps/lids adding to dimension. The background of the plywood was painted with 
exterior enamel. Great kids' project, would be wonderful for scouts or other youth groups. Only 
your imagination is the limitation.

Other shapes were butterflies, flowers, watering-can, cat, dog, fish, simple shapes but such fun.
 Sadly all my pictures were not in focus.
But you get the idea. 

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  1. Oh how cute! I love colorful and one of a kinds! Wow this fit both. Have a great eve, Lynn

  2. Sandi,
    How fun it this. I love Wheaton. My parents owned a home there when I was in High School. Such a cute town.

  3. Sandi, these are so fun! Very creative use of throw away items. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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