Thursday, December 31, 2020

My Top Ten Posts of 2020!

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Something Old, New, Green, Redo's
 TOP TEN posts of 2020.

    It's been a tough year for everyone. I seldom look back, but for the lack of anything interesting to blog about, I decided to peruse the stats and see just what you liked reading about in 2020.

How about a Count Down....10....whoops, right off the bat we have a tie. Two garden posts wrestle for the number 10 position. 

It was a very hot summer after a late cold spring, which seems to be the norm the last few years.

Tied for the 10th spot was...

 Boy, do (DID) we have sunflowers here: Midwest Gardening 2020: Sunflowers


I did many gardening post many of which were numbers 11-20....I must say, in the summer I barely have time to promote posts...but clearly these posts are of interest to you, dear Readers! 

And next, Number 9... was really a culmination post about "USE IT UP, WEAR IT OUT, MAKE IT DO, OR DO WITHOUT" on March 22, 2020, an old saying many of us grew up with. 


I came from a family that made do or did without. Druthers were for looking at in the catalogs, or cobbling someone's throw-aways, give-aways or thrifted to a Made Do status. Somewhere along the way---this became our preferred way of green living, despite having the income to choose otherwise. I shared many ideas in this post, perhaps the diversity of tags dragged traffic in.

Number 8 post for 2020 was

Normally I don't paint antiques, and despite the upper 80-90's temps I managed to do a post on redoing some very old, dry, and stained wood. Working with satin acrylic paint, I managed to turn a dark Arts&Crafts Movement bookcase to the perfect shelf for our tiny bathroom.


Another Gardening post from  July 6th.

We had started so many things in our greenhouse, it was fun to see the pots come alive after a late cold spring.
I do try to show you what works, and what 
doesn't here in the Midwest.

POST Number 6 Another Gardening Post titled

This was a nitty gritty post, planting seeds, yard clean-up, mulch---not much green at all.


The pandemic had reared its ugly head in full force by then, we were hunkered down---and others were realizing-- they may need to grow food. 

We were so glad we did so many plants from seed as the garden centers were picked clean by the end of May. 
Here are pepper starts we began end of January in the house and then move to the greenhouse with heaters.

2020 started as a tough year for me.

I did a few Thoughtful Moments posts in the past,
This one took the  Number 5 place on January 9, 2020.

It was really a post looking back at my 2019...and  recovering from a third knee-replacement. I had lost most of 2019 laid up for 6 months. Then into 2020...with the soon to be pandemic. Who knew ??? the first week in January---what we would be facing.

Next is POST #4
Surprise, another Gardening Post
This time about flowers! 

Every plant in my garden out-did themselves despite the dry heat and lack of rain. The Zinnias were 5-6 feet tall, the sunflowers 15 feet tall and huge flower heads, the Coleus were rich in color and prolific, the grasses fluid and flowing. Every plant seemed to KNOW we needed color to boost to our spirits. Going into 6 months of lockdown, the Hollyhocks burst into bloom! 

Post #3
Midwest Gardening: February 2020


Yes, a Gardening Post in February was super popular. From when the first seed catalog arrives, to when the seeds go up in the hardware and big box stores---gardeners salivate, pick, plan, pick some more, plan some more...and just crave the smell of dirt. 

We start our tomatoes, peppers, and a few other things in in plastic containers placed in our kitchen windows the end of January to March. Wow, it is crazy to watch things grow---quickly pushing their plastic covers off. 

On to POST #2 for 2020

A Spring Decorating Post

Because of the Covid shutdown---decorating really had to be simple (no company or holidays), make us happy,  and use everyday items. Besides my kitchen was FULL of plants for the garden due to our miserable cold spring.

I had time to promote this post a bit, but something drew people in...could it have been Christmas Pig had babies...who knows.


POST #1 for 2020 is.....
a decorating post about our small home on November 1st

Thank you, Dear Readers for visiting, commenting, sharing ,and hopefully enjoying my posts in 2020, the terrible of all years. I've tried to be upbeat but real, practical and sometimes over the top, serious, but helpful.  2020 sure hasn't been unicorn farts and rainbows...

but, I've enjoyed sharing each and 
every post with you. 

I stay pledged to be AD-Free by choice. I some how think if I were posting to sell or promote anything other than my own thoughts,  
the blog wouldn't be real. 

Hugs, stay safe, and 

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  1. Happy 2021!Love seeing your gorgeous posts again!Such beauty!

    1. Oh, Thank you Maristella, it must be very late by you...Happy New Year!!!Hugs, Sandi

  2. Sandi,
    Great looking back!! I like your idea of Make do or do without and I thin that will fit in nicely with one of my Goals for the year..No Shopping....I am going to re-do, repurpose, shop my own home, etc....
    Thanks so much for sharing and thanks too for stopping by!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

    1. Hi,Debbie. so glad to see you---and now I'm finally getting emails, seems I blocked someone who is connected to feed-burner and it blocked everyone that comes through there. Yes, the Make really a keeper for me too. I think I will do a bunch of those this year. Hugs, and let's hope the NEW YEAR improves. Hugs, Sandi

  3. I love all your top 10 posts. Flowers and gardening are close to my heart even though I don't do as much with my arthritis. Love the idea of redo and reuse. Taking old and making it new is really a beautiful concept. Looking forward to your posts in 2021!

    1. Thanks, Carol. I use to do more posts on vintage and antiques, but without going scrounging, I was more in the garden this year. Thanks for your visits, Smiles, Sandi

  4. What a great round-up from the year! Your gardening and flower pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and happy New Year Sandi!

    1. Thanks, Marielle. Staying home and gardening was sort of the norm this year. Hugs, Sandi

  5. Sandi,
    Loved seeing your Top 10 posts!!
    It was great seeing your flower and garden pictures!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

    1. Hi, Debbie. Thanks for visiting, and well, we know how gardening was a respite from the pandemic. I must confess, when we finally packed up the yard in November, I was relieved. But, sees will get started in the next month...yikes and it begins again, Sandi

  6. Happy New Year Sandi, let's hope we are all going to be blessed with a better year! I love your Make Do attitude, that is one thing I learned last year, using what I had instead of running to the store, for both cooking and crafting...

    1. Aw, thanks...well, that was the way I was brought up---my saying is...I just hate when we get to plan 'g' after a,b,c,d,e,f...ha, ha!

  7. Sandi, enjoyed them all but I too was drawn to that cute little pig. I am a sucker for tiny stuff. I felt the same way as you about not having much to write about so did the top 10. Too much to read but it does take up space and time, which I seem to have a lot of these days..Lucky? Maybe!..Stay well..xxoJudy

    1. LOL, Judy---yeppers..couldn't do unicorn farts or rainbows this week, just have to bend over and kiss our a...s goodbye or hello, depending on how it turns out! Hugs, Sandi

  8. Hi Sandi.

    Have just read your "USE IT UP, WEAR IT OUT, MAKE IT DO, OR DO WITHOUT" post with great interest and enjoyment. I must have missed it earlier in the year. It's funny to see how "on trend" making do and mending has become recently, when for many of us it's just the habit of a lifetime, passed on to us by parents and grandparents over the years.

    Hopefully we're moving away from the throwaway society mentality now. I find it bizarre when someone tells me they've been redecorating and got rid of a roomful of perfectly good stuff - furniture, paintings, ornaments - just because it doesn't fit with their new colour scheme! I much prefer to give things a fresh coat of paint or a polish or a new slip-cover instead.

    I love your blue and white china collection. I have a very similar assortment of mixed and matched crockery. Anything in blue and white or floral will do!

    Happy 2021. I look forward to reading many more of your posts!

    1. Hugs, Dorrit....I think we are twins sometimes, as we have shared growing up experiences and similar (eerily so) points of view. It took me three sets of broken dishes to realize---sets just weren't going to work in the long I happily mix and match and have the fun of choosing very interesting serving pieces. Hugs, and have a great New Year! Sandi

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks, Joanne. I know I sure miss being in the garden this winter. With shutdown it was a respite from isolation!


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