Sunday, May 31, 2020

Midwest Gardening: What's Blooming-End of May 2020

Ad-Free Bog

Pond is cleaned and the fishing is good...! 
We dumped four bags of sand and a bag of rocks into it, since I am no longer able to kneel and clean out the bottom of the pond. So we raised the bottom, which is now reachable for me, well mostly. 

Pond maintenance is an issue, I'm hoping the frogs will move back in even though it is shallow.

To the right the Viburnum is bursting! Best kind of snowballs for Chicagoland. I have Nasturtiums from seed in the planter in front

This tree is about 25 years old. Last year I cleaned out all the dead wood and opened up the center area---and more blooms than ever.

Around the pond, are Iris, two Lime Barberry. 

they are gorgeous this year...

I can't stop taking photos of them...

Sunshine in ruffles....

Planted pots...I forget the name of the purple plant, something new for us with Zinnias and a red geranium.

I still have two Peppermint to plant---a bee deterrent for our 'people spots, designated for the front  porch.

Our focal pot at the base of the stairs, lots of plants in here, Wave Petunia, Hibiscus, 2 kinds of Sweet Potato Vine and some seeded flowers.

Lots of green right now under our Maple tree, the copper colored plant lower left is a Carmel Coral Bells. The green in front is a Creeping Sedum transplanted the last two years from other areas in the yard. Hostas were grown from starts 10 for $5.99 last year, except for the super large one.

I'm amazed at how large these variegated Hosta got in one year.

My mosaic bowling ball---from post here:Garden Mosaics Class

Here the Iris are more purple than blue.

and yellow! 

The super large Hosta on the right we purchased several years ago, and it gets humungous. 

A planter with Liatris from bulbs, a Wave Petunia, Burgundy Cordyline and a Rust Coleus. all these plants will be very large and will be moved into the center of this bed, when we get the old bush branches out!

Not much is blooming yet in the backyard. I do choose a lot of variegated plants for interest in shady spots with a few Impatiens and more Lime Coral Bells.

Along the fence the Hollyhocks are going crazy and our Giant Hostas. I have some squash and Sunflowers in here also, and other seeded flowers.

The front walk is just getting started, with yellow, red, purple flowers and  lime green  and purple Sweet Potato Vines. I haven't found any reasonable viney plants for the trellises yet.

The new shelf on the front of the garage which replaced an old bench, is still not finished. I need some other interesting things. This spot gets lots of sun and heat.

And the mail box is planted: Wave Petunias, Vinca transplants, Salvia, and yellow Marigolds. 

What's Blooming in your Neck of the Woods?
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  1. Oh my!Wonderful flowers!I am so happy to see them...I miss my flowers,with quarantine I can't buy them every week as I usually did.Actually,I don't have flowers for almost 3 months,except my alamanda and my azalea,which gave me 2 or 3 flowers and I am grateful for this!Your garden is adorable!Thanks for sharing!Hugs!

    1. Hi, Maristella! Our garden centers have been open with limited numbers of shoppers and wearing masks. The Iris we planted three years ago and they have been so tall, I had to stake them all. I hope you can get your flowers soon. I love your little patio. Sandi

  2. Your garden is lovely, and I love your mailbox planter! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    1. Thank you---we have enjoyed that now for a couple of years, so do the neighbors. That monster has a much better chance of withstanding the occasional car dent...LOl. Thanks for stopping by. Sandi


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