Saturday, May 30, 2020

Midwest Gardening: Tips for the First Crop May 2020

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OUR FIRST CROP....Lettuce!

We've planted Lettuces in several areas of the yard. Railing boxes were started early in the greenhouse, while more was started in the ground or transplanted from trays. I trimmed the bolted lettuce out.

We have Black-seed Simpson, Mesclun Mix, Traditional Mix, Bibb, Romaine and Red Lettuces in various areas. When it gets too hot, the railing planters will be moved to semi-shade to prolong growth.

So yesterday, May 29, 2020, I walked around with a scissors and picked a bit of everything. Never cut your plant completely away, just remove no more than half, that way your lettuce will continue to grow. I rinsed everything in nice cold water. 

Plain clean dish towels are ready--I'm no longer using paper towel for this...! It's been too hard at times to find paper products, and this is a GREEN way. 

I carefully set all the stems up with narrow ends down to drain. Leave it this way for 10-15 minutes to completely drain. 

Spread your greens on the towels. Gently layer another towel on top. 

I bleach my towels, so these will come easily clean and are sanitary on the greens. 

Double over the bottom edge and then roll the towel loosely. Place in plastic bag, (I wash and reuse these all summer for greens). 

Loosely cover with a second bag...

Stand on end in the upper part of your Fridge. Simply unroll for serving. 
This will keep your greens up to a week, and of course it will be time to pick again! 

Onions aren't quite ready, maybe later next week! 

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  1. What a good way to keep your lettuce fresh and crisp! Of course, cutting your own is bound to be fresher but I will try standing it up in the fridge wrapped in a tea towel in a bag next instead of putting it in a plastic bag and paper toweling in the produce drawer. I do use a salad spinner to get the moisture out before putting it on a towel. I keep telling my husband we could do some salad makings in pots on the kitchen porch. And everything has gotten so much more expensive in the stores plus worrying about germs on pretty leaf lettuce.

    I can imagine how wonderful your salads must be! What kind of dressings are your favorite to make with these tender lettuces? I seem to make a lemon juice/red wine vinegar/Maille/olive oil and S & P vinaigrette over and over.

    1. Thanks, Dewena! Lettuce seed packets actually have lots of seeds,and I have planted old ones also back to 2017. So, it is pretty cost cutting. We do like a light red wine vinaigrette, Hubby is partial to poppyseed dressings, my favorite is light Ranch, but I put it on the side and just dip a bit instead of pouring it on the greens. Rasberry Walnut vinaigrettes are good, too and tangy. Thanks for visiting! Sandi

  2. Sandi, good tips and what beautiful salads I can see you eating. I can only eat iceberg lettuce as it doesn't have so much Vitamin K because of the blood thinners I take. I buy it and have found that I just cut off what I am going to eat and wash it then, the lettuce lasts longer. I always make my salads a head of time with dressing in the bottom of bowl, add ingredients and cover with wet paper towel and put in frig until time to toss and eat. It keeps it crispy. Your way would taste much better and be fresher, but this works if you buy lettuce.. Stay well..xxoJudy

    1. Hi, Judy. I worked for a caterer in highschool and we always covered greens/salads and crudite with clean wet dish towels, then plastic wrap. Everything arrived fresh and cool...for the clients. For sandwiches or cold plates of meats, apply the plastic wrap first and then the wet towels...same result, cool and moist. Thanks for your visit! Sandi

  3. Your garden is beginning to produce wonderful produce, Sandi. The lettuce looks crisp and fresh. Fabulous that you have stored them away in readiness for a salad. There is nothing better than freshly cut herbs and veggies from one's garden, is there.

    1. We've already had two big salads each. I will probably pick some more on Tuesday, Thanks for your visit, and yes, we really love the greens!

  4. What beautifu lettuce! Thanks for sharing your garden at Vintage Charm!

    1. Thanks, it really keeps well this way, still fresh a week later! Sandi


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